Boozewa to Release Bon Vivant July 9; Tour Dates Announced


Some news from raw heavy punkers Boozewa, who’ve been kicking around the last couple years even as drummer/vocalist Michael Rudolph Cummings put out a solo record and toured for it, etc., in that a new offering, Bon Vivant, will see release on July 9. No audio yet, but if you caught the Pennsylvania-based Backwoods Payback-offshoot’s 2021 EP, Developing Good Health (discussed here) or last year’s single “Maybe I’m a Bird” (video posted here), you should know to expect an elbow or two thrown in your direction. The three-piece of Cummings, bassist/vocalist Jessica Baker and guitarist/vocalist Rylan Caspar — whose mother I believe drew the picture above, while the cover art below/on the tour poster is by Tony Trease — are reliably brash, and if you don’t believe me, they’ve got A/V to demonstrate same at the bottom of this post.

Shows? Of course shows. They apparently just played with CKY — still a thing; good for them — and have dates lined up concurrent to Bon Vivant coming out and a couple weeks after, so yes, shows. Before I turn it over to what I culled from socials, I’ll just note that I have no idea whether Bon Vivant is an EP or a full-length. Based on what they’ve done to this point and since they don’t mention it, I’d guess an EP, but you never know for sure until you get there. If it’s a whole album, it would be their first, is the only reason I even bring it up. Any newswa is welcome newswa as far as I’m concerned.

Information for perusing:

Boozewa Bon Vivant

It’s finally time! Our brand new record BON VIVANT will be released on Tuesday July 9th 2024!

Recorded/mixed/mastered once again at the always inspiring @noisylittlecritter by Mike Bardzik, with INCREDIBLE cover art done by our dear friend @tony_rocknroll

Boozewa July tourWhat ya say we jam a record release show for celebrate?

What ya say we hit a little tour to mark the occasion?

All the news that’s fit to hear coming today…and it’s only the beginning of what we have in store for the rest of 2024!

07.12 The Crown Wilmington DE (Release Show)
07.23 The Cave Chapel Hill NC
07.24 Sly Grog Asheville NC
07.25 Magbar Louisville KY
07.26 Westside Bowl Youngstown OH
07.27 Comedy House State College PA
07.28 Alkemy Flemington NJ

Jessica Baker / bass, hollering
Rylan Caspar / guitar, hollering
Mike Cummings (mRc) / drums, hollering

Boozewa, “Maybe I’m a Bird” official video

Boozewa, Developing Good Health (2021)

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  1. SabbathJeff says:

    I went to that CKY gig literally for/because of Boozewa – didn’t make it though 4 songs of Crobot before I left (work the day of and the day after and being 40, etc.) and hearing their big fuzzy fun jam jawns upon the main stage at underground arts was *chef’s kiss*. I’ll hit that Flemington gig and absolutely cannot wait for the new record, hoping for another CD pressing too. They played a bunch of new songs at century bar a few months ago, and they sounded faster/angrier?/punchier than before. Not sure to hold that account for the entirety of a new batch of songs on a new album, obviously, but I’ll anticipate its arrival no matter if it’s “pip farting on a snaredrum”. Straight up real talk, if you’re in or near a Boozewa gig, go. Just go. Just the most fun band in terms of leaving a set-long smile upon my old headbanging face, and there’s no flashiness, pomp, pretense, bullshit or act up there – they’re having fun, you don’t even have to have sightlines, you feel the fun they’re throwing off the stage in your soul (whatever that term means to ya).

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