Video Premiere: Miss Lava Play Full Set ‘DeLores Session’; Live Release Out Today

miss lava delores session

Portuguese heavy rockers Miss Lava today premiere their new live outing, DeLores Session. Earlier this year, the Lisboa mainstays offered up Doom Machine (review here) through Small Stone Records and Kozmik Artifactz and thereby pushed their own creative limits and songwriting processes — neither of which one would call lacking previously — to newfound heights, turning tragic personal circumstance into triumph of expressive craft.

And yeah, that’s all well and good, but how about some damn shows? You know the story there, sadly enough. I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing Miss Lava live, let alone for their new album, but damn, they bring it. With crisp audio production and a multi-camera shoot, the four-piece who after this said goodbye to drummer J. Garcia tear into tracks taken almost entirely from Doom Machine — “I’m the Asteroid” comes from 2016’s Sonic Debris (review here). It’s a killer set, and if they had any pandemic-era dust to kick off, I certainly couldn’t tell.

It’s the kind of performance that a band might ultimately decide to put out as a live album, and wouldn’t you know it, in between my booking this premiere and today, that actually happened. The ‘DeLores Session,’ which you can watch in its entirety below, is out today for Bandcamp Friday. More info and the always important purchase link follows the clip below.

Please enjoy:

Miss Lava, ‘DeLores Session’ video premiere

Miss Lava on ‘DeLores Session’:

When Portugal opened after COVID we just wanted to get out there and play. The guys from Psychedelic Film Festival reached out to ask if we could do a performance of two to three songs for their online festival Rock Against PTSD. We really love playing these songs. So we just went ahead, called our friends from The Quartet of Woah! and took our gear to their place at Casa DeLores. Then we rocked out these songs, way more than originally planned, with the help of our mutual friend and producer Fernando Matias (he did “Sonic Debris” with us and all of TQOW! albums).

All in all we had a great day among friends, drank a few beers and had some pizza. It turned out this is J. Garcia’s last recording with the band. It feels great to have it documented like this and to release it as a freebie!

We really like listening to the raw approach on the songs, with all the fucks up and everything. It’s honest rawk. Hope you all dig it.

Purchase link:

1 – Feel Surreal – Live
2 – I’m the Asteroid – Live
3 – Sleepy Warm – Live
4 – Brotherhood of Eternal Love – Live
5 – The Oracle – Live
6 – The Great Divide – Live
7 – The Fall – Live
8 – Fourth Dimension – Live
9 – In the Mire – Live
10 – Magma – Live
11 – Doom Machine – Live

Recorded May 1st, 2021 at “Casa DeLores” in Lisbon, Portugal. Produced by WH!, Pentagon Audio Manufacturers and Miss Lava. Recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Fernando Matias.

Special thanks to “The Quartet of Woah!”

Miss Lava:
Johnny Lee – Vocals
Ricardo Ferreira – Bass and Vocals
K. Raffah – Guitars
J. Garcia – Drums

Miss Lava, Doom Machine (2021)

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