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Saturnalia Temple (Photo by Fredrik Eytzinger)

Swedish dark cultists Saturnalia Temple released their Gravity album in 2020 on Listenable Records, and thereby plunged their audience deep into a murk of charred psychedelic resin and ritual-as-more-than-sales-pitch-for-riffs vibes. It’s not that the record was confused at all, just working on its own level entirely, and you can still hear that in the title-track, for which they’re streaming a video below, having premiered it in some unknowable past however many weeks and lifetimes ago.

The goth organ, the fuzz riff, the gurgling vocals adding a sense of the extreme to go with the fluidity of the rhythm — it is a niche into which Saturnalia Temple have not so much settled as constructed, their progression across three full-lengths like a movement downward into something unknown and unknowable. They’re still songwriting — “Gravity” has a chorus, a structure to its verses and follows a memorable, rolling nod — but the context in which that’s taking place is otherworldly, spiritual in its way, and willfully apart from standard genre tenets even as it pulls from various sides.

This Spring, Saturnalia Temple guitarist/vocalist Tommie Eriksson took part in the Roadburn Redux commissioned piece ‘Her True Nature’ by The Nest, featuring members of Wolvennest alongside fellow guests from DOOLPrimordialDread Sovereign and The Ruins of Beverast. That video was directed by M. from A Thousand Lost Civilizations, as is the clip for “Gravity” here, which brings together live footage of the band in manipulated, kaleidoscopic form, flashing color and seeing instruments become polygonal shapes, intertwining, moving; the visual message of the ritualization of sound only appropriate for the song it complements. Together they offer due transportation.


Saturnalia Temple, “Gravity” official video

Tommie Eriksson on “Gravity”:

Gravity was written before all the world went mad, but now seems very prophetic. I aimed to describe and channel the spiritual strife of the initiatory path and how it often is at odds with the mundane world. We are very pleased to release the title song in a powerful and visually engaging as well as hypnotic video made by our talented collaborator Maia from A Thousand Lost Civilizations. The only way is in, into yourself, all other roads are blocked.

Title track from Saturnalia Temple’s Gravity album. Released on Listenable Records.

Video by M – A Thousand Lost Civilizations 2021

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Saturnalia Temple is:
Tommie Eriksson – Vocals, Guitar.
Peter Karlsson – Bass.
Kennet Granholm – Drums

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