Friday Full-Length: Dream Phases, Helen Highway b/w Tandy

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hamlet critical essays Business Plan Course Online Uk ucas statement teen homework help in social studies I’ll be honest with you. I had something else all set up and ready to roll out to close the week. The back end of the post was all set, player embedded, tags made, image placed, metadata, all that stuff that I do on my side of what goes up here except for the actual writing, and then I stumbled on Dream Phases’ Bandcamp page, heard the just-over-five-minute two-songer Helen Highway b/w Tandy and decided it suited my mood more. Nothing against the record that was going to close out before — I’ll probably save the post for next week, actually — it’s an album I’ve loved for a long time and very much enjoyed revisiting, but it turned out I wasn’t feeling so academic this morning adn I’m digging the float and classic ’60s psych vibe of “Helen Highway” and “Tandy” and I’d never heard Dream Phases before, so yeah. There’s precedent I’m pretty sure for pushing something off like this last-minute — not that anyone but me cares — but either way, whatever.

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We are the which provide best writing pieces on every academic topics asked by students This week was a lot of back and forth and it’s not really over as I type this. I took my laptop in for repair again yesterday to have a new hard-drive put in — 2TB as opposed to the 500GB I got back last time, which I’m sorry isn’t nearly enough for me to work with on a daily basis — and this weekend I’ll get on porting over data from one to the other. Many, many albums, pictures of The Pecan, Star Trek ebooks, the like. There’s a lot that needs to be reinstalled — Office, PhotoShop — and I’ve got my work cut out for me in readjusting Windows settings to how I prefer them vis a vis getting rid of extraneous bundled software and notifications, but that stuff I can do gradually as the annoyances pop up. In terms of laptop infrastructure, I’m hopefully good to go for a while.

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Homework Helper Poems and Answers Popular Algebra Textbooks See all Algebra textbooks Algebra 1 Common Core Next week is next week. I’m still confirming stuff for Monday but there’s no day that doesn’t have something booked. Some of that is still overflow from the Quarterly Review. I was annoyed at myself this week. Hard. I had a review I wanted to do that I shoved off in favor of a premiere. Something I actively wanted to write about. That was kind of my favor to myself for making it through the QR that I then denied myself in favor of something else. And not that I didn’t want to do what I ended up doing — otherwise I wouldn’t have — but it was a question of treating myself or not. That kind of defined the early part of my week, to be honest. Then I got over it. And the band I did the premiere for seemed to appreciate it too, which was nice. I’ll still cover the other thing, just later. Not this coming week, but in August for sure. Hire at Cheap Price. We are a premium dissertation writing service that meets all your dissertation/thesis requirement. New ‘Obelisk Show’ today 5PM Eastern on Gimme Metal. I almost got in trouble with the playlist because something I was playing wasn’t at all heavy. Rose City Band. Fair enough. Didn’t actually hear if they were canning the track. We’ll see, I guess.

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