The Obelisk Show on Gimme Metal Playlist: Episode 62 – Neurosis Deep-Dive Pt. 1

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I’ve done a couple whole-show-playing-one-band-type episodes of The Obelisk Show on Gimme Metal before, but to my recollection this is the first time I’ll have dedicated two episodes to one band. Can you argue? Starting with Pain of Mind in 1985, the career and legacy of Neurosis is simply unparalleled, and to even get to listen to two hours of their material in a row, let alone talk about it on a silly radio show, is a personal treat, let alone of any critical importance or something any other human beings might dig.

We go from Pain of Mind through The Word as Law — quickly, admittedly, since those songs are short — and slam headfirst into Souls at Zero as the band’s style progressed into tribalist heavy and what was considered avant garde at the time and became the foundations on which post-metal was laid. Enemy of the SunThrough Silver in BloodTimes of GraceSovereign, and finally A Sun That Never Sets is a lot of ground to cover, but consider how much is left. This doesn’t even include solo stuff or side-projects or the version of Times of Grace with the Tribes of Neurot release Grace synched up to it or any of that other awesome whatnot. Still, one does the best one can to get in as much as one can. Sometimes two hours just isn’t enough. So we’ll do four between this ep and the next one in two weeks.

Thanks for listening and/or reading. I hope you enjoy.

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Full playlist:

The Obelisk Show – 06.25.21

Neurosis United Sheep Pain of Mind
Neurosis Pain of Mind Pain of Mind
Neurosis To What End? The Word as Law
Neurosis Takeahnase Souls at Zero
Neurosis Souls at Zero Souls at Zero
Neurosis Lost Enemy of the Sun
Neurosis Raze the Stray Enemy of the Sun
Neurosis Locust Star Through Silver in Blood
Neurosis Through Silver in Blood Through Silver in Blood
Neurosis The Doorway Times of Grace
Neurosis Times of Grace Times of Grace
Neurosis Flood Sovereign
Neurosis A Sun That Never Sets A Sun That Never Sets
Neurosis Falling Unknown A Sun That Never Sets
Neurosis Stones From the Sky A Sun That Never Sets

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