L’Uomo Nero Premiere “Too Late too Long”; New EP Elle, de la Mer out July 16

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Albuquerque, New Mexico-based heavy rockers L’Uomo Nero will continue their collaboration with Desert Records July 16 with the release of their second EP, Elle, de la Mer. And what they don’t make easy in terms of linguistics — their moniker is Italian, the first EP was 2020’s Andiamo Nel Deserto (review here), its title in Spanish, and this one is French, for “she, of the sea” — they certainly have covered in the actual listening process. Vocals are high in the mix through my speakers (always), but as guitarist Dominic Cagliostro, bassist Robson Guy and drummer Luke Seelau venture past their first offering, they do so with poise and a confident step, bringing together four tracks that launch with “De la Mer,” a song that wastes no time imagining Danzig in the House of the Rising Sun before unfolding to catchy post-grunge heavy blues, setting the tone for “I Know” to push further, its own hook a highlight of the four-song/18-minute release.

L’Uomo Nero manage to make thoughtful structures sound easy.luomo nero elle de la mer Their material is not unworked-on, but they offer few frills of arrangement beyond a straight-up melody, and to be perfectly honest, they don’t need anything else. “I Know” carries smoothly into its second-half solo, the guitar speaking back to the vocal line in classic form, and even as “Elle” brings a more weighted tone and active kick, the sense of balance remains in the increased fullness of sound, so that as “Too Late too Long” pushes a more garage-style jangle in its riff, the arrival of post-Rolling Stones backing vocals isn’t any more jarring than the band intends it to be. Efficiently putting itself in position for a bigger-sounding payoff, “Too Late too Long” delivers that as the closing track on Elle, de la Mer, and is no less satisfying a trip for knowing where you’re going to end up when it’s done. Same could be said of the EP as a whole, really. L’Uomo Nero, in addition to being multilingual, know what they’re doing when it comes to songwriting.

EP release info follows under the player here, on which you can stream the premiere of “Too Late too Long.”


New EP “Elle, De La Mer” out July 16 on Desert Records. Preorder: https://luomonero.bandcamp.com/album/elle-de-la-mer

About the second chapter of the trilogy: “She’s not dead, she is from Innsmouth a fictional town in Massachusetts created by American author H. P. Lovecraft and must return to that town and eventually the sea. ”The Innsmouth look” a result of the hybridization of humans with Deep Ones increases with age as does the heed to the call of the sea, there is some sort of hope that they can figure something out to be together, some spell, or a gift from a magical being.”

About the song, Dominic Cagliostro says: “This is a metaphor regarding addiction. The “innsmouth look” is the result of repeated use of drugs and alcohol, the progression with age of the deep ones is the progression of the circumstance of addiction. Before it’s too late, there’s always hope that we/they/she can get help AA, Counseling or treatment or all of the above.”

L’uomo Nero is a desert rhythm and blues rock three-piece hailing from the New Mexican High Desert. Are we helpless victims of unimaginable forces that can drive humans mad by their mere manifestation? Or fearless Investigators and Occult Detectives who confront the minions of darkness in encounters, in which humans, although appear outmatched, defend their sanity uncovering the mysteries of tranquility in defiance of the suffering we experience from the things we cannot manage or restrain.

Occult blues rockers L’uomo Nero play with their band name, ‘The Boogeyman’, to build an intriguing sonic trilogy made of three 4-track EPs: ‘Andiamo Nel Deserto’, ‘Elle, De La Mer’ and ‘Voda Atebo Ohen’. These follow the adventures of occult detectives Nico L’oscuro, Quello Bello and Sentire, and their supernatural and magical practices to uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of a woman from New Mexico. Created on a fantastic thriller basis and inspired by true events and by American author H.P. Lovecraft, the three EPs take the protagonist through the stages of grief, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. All three records together form the framework of a gloomy occult crime investigation illustrated by a special artwork and layouts that reveals some missing clues. The entire trilogy will be issued between fall 2020 and spring 2021, with first EP ‘Andiamo Nel Deserto’ coming out via Desert Records.

Dominic Cagliostro (Domenico L’oscuro) – Vocals and guitar
Robson Guy (Quello Bello) – Bass guitar
Luke Seelau (Sentire) – Drums

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