Kadabra Sign to Heavy Psych Sounds; Debut LP This Fall

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reports apa discipline http://www.landestheater-eisenach.de/?service-industry-essay argumentative essay women inequality ways to help the environment essay The PR wire had the preliminary announcement, heralding more next week:


Heavy Psych Sounds to announce a new band signing: KADABRA

We’re incredibly stoked and honored to announce that the US based heavy-psychedelic-fuzz band KADABRA is now a new member of the HPS family

Heavy Psych Sounds will release the band’s debut album this Fall


In 2020, a year wrecked with cultural dissent and a global pandemic, fellow musicians and long-time friends Garrett Zanol and Ian Nelson decided to create a band that would pull influence from a few of their favorite musical acts. After retaining the talents of their favorite local drummer Chase Howard, the group got to work on writing an album that illustrates their current climate.

Kadabra from Spokane, Washington U.S., delivers the eerie psyche crawl of acts like Dead Meadow and the heavy fuzzed riff grime of Black Sabbath. In fall the of 2020, they tracked their debut album with Dawson Scholz, and it is set to release this fall on Heavy Psych Sounds Records.

Garrett Zanol (Vocals/Guitar)
Ian Nelson (Bass)
Chase Howard (Drums)



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