Yo No Se Premiere “Mosquito” Video; Terraform out June 18

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No argument, right? Humans? The worst?

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The penultimate “Nectar” hits the four-minute mark and is downright patient compared to some of what’s come before, but essay scholarships college students 2014 Narrative Essay Disobeying Order For Me divorce definition essay write written report Yo No Se save their broadest reach for the concluding title-track, a languid rollout moving beyond the prior cut in order to shove Terraform into the band’s outer reaches while still keeping a foot back for the dug-in-dirt tonality that’s been working to their benefit since “Black Door.” I can’t imagine I’m the first to make the Nirvana comparison and I doubt I’ll be the last, but Yo No Se push an edge and nastiness of their own, like they’re pouring water on dust of grunge and calling the mud sludge rock.

You can see the premiere of the “Mosquito” video below, followed by the release info, courtesy of the PR wire.

Get nasty and dance:

Yo No Se, “Mosquito” official video premiere

Yo No Se on “Mosquito”:

“Mosquito is a song about people living off of your hard work. The same people that leave the moment they have nothing more to gain from you. For the video we asked our friend Toby Cameron of On Par productions to film Alex so we could then get Arturo Baston to work his magic over the top.”

Preorder: https://bit.ly/3rxPAZL

Video concept by Alex Studer. Filmed by Toby Cameron of On Par. Animation and edit by Arturo Baston.

Yo No Se return after a 5-year hiatus since their last album, Soma. Their new album Terraform continues on from the dystopian world created in Soma but this time taking the narrative to the stars. Terraform explores the ideas of making a fresh start on another planet but the same problems creep in…. Greed, corruption and hate. Exploring more of a grunge feel along with some hard psych the band recorded with Dom Mitchison (as well as Alex doing guitars and vocals at home), mixed with Ali Chant and mastered again with grunge godfather, Jack Endino.

The band have toured across Europe in support of Soma in the last 5 years and gained a reputation for their loud and energetic shows. The album has 3 drummers under its belt and countless breakdowns on the road. With the pandemic kicking in just as the band started touring, they had plenty of time to finally record (and find another drummer). Terraform is a record 5 years in the making due to sheer bad luck. Hopefully, their luck will change as the band are already working on their follow up record.

The artwork for the cover is by renowned sci-fi artist Bruce Pennington.

1. Black Door
2. Santa Muerte
3. Pilot
4. Misery
5. Mosquito
6. Slaughter
7. Hairy Chin
8. Feast Of Lies
9. Hold Fire
10. Nectar
11. Terraform

Line up
Alex Studer: Guitar, Vocals
Jason Strickland: Bass
Matt Neicho: Drums

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Stolen Body Records on Instagram

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  1. dutch gus says:

    Already pre-ordered!
    Bristol treasures – lovely chaps, great tunes.

  2. Chris S says:

    Absolutely loving this .Thanks for bringing them to my attention .

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