RippleFest Texas 2021 Adds Wino, Freedom Hawk, High Desert Queen & Fostermother to Lineup

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This week brings four more acts for the inaugural Ripplefest Texas, and with Wino, Freedom Hawk, Fostermother and High Desert Queen joining in the fun, it’s starting to look like a pretty stacked bill. Headliners are still to be announced — take your pick among TX or Ripple-associated heavy and feel free to let me know whom you’d choose — but one way or the other, this is a lot for a one-day fest.

It’s outdoors, which you’d probably want at this point, and I’m just going to assume it’s more than one stage — maybe two alternating? — to account for this many with more to come. Or maybe the party starts early? I don’t know. I guess after a year-plus of no shows it’s fair enough to want to pack in as much as possible. Got your shot yet? This is a pretty good argument in favor of doing so if not.

Social media has it like this, and there’s the ticket link and whatnot as well:

Ripplefest Texas new poster

NEW BANDS ANNOUNCEMENT: Ripple Music and Lick Of My Spoon Productions is happy to announce Scott “Wino” Weinrich and Freedom Hawk, as well as High Desert Queen and Fostermother to the already stacked 1st Annual RippleFest Texas, August 7th at Texas Ski Ranch in New Braunfels, Texas.

We still have our MAIN HEADLINER to announce next week so stay tuned! Tickets are going fast!

Previously announced: Void Vator, Bone Church, Witchcryer, Holy Death Trio, Howling Giant, Forming the Void, Mr. Plow, Thunder Horse, and Switchblade Jesus!!!

Bring a swimsuit and swim on the beach at Texas Ski Ranch while listening to music from the hottest label in the business: Ripple Music!

Tickets are available through the link on the FB page. Tickets:

Get yours now as more bands will be announced because it WILL SELL OUT!

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