Brooklyn’s Priestess Become Reverend Mother; New EP This Month

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Brooklyn trio Priestess is now Reverend Mother

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Brooklyn, NY trio Priestess, a favorite live act in the local scene, today announce their official name change to Reverend Mother. The band has shared the announcement along with a short, eerie video shot on Super 8 film that features some of the band’s upcoming EP. Watch and share HERE.

Brooklyn three-piece Priestess has reincarnated as Reverend Mother, due to put out their first S/T EP under the new moniker in Spring 2021. They are still led by songwriter and Black Sabbath enthusiast Jackie Green, who cut her teeth as a guitarist in local bands like Evil Daughter.

Despite the name change, the band remains steadfast in their devotion to doom metal and psychedelic rock, with the EP offering up the same looming riffs, skuzzy reverbs, and haunting vocals Green has studied and refined to make her own.

Reverend Mother, ‘Becoming Reverend Mother’

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