Greenleaf Post “Love Undone” Lyric Video; Echoes From a Mass Preorder Available

greenleaf (Photo by Peder Bergstrand)

We’re into March now, and soon enough we’ll be drawing to a close the first quarter of 2021. Greenleaf‘s Echoes From a Mass is my first serious contender for album of the year. Will it be? Hell if I know. We still have about 10 months of the year left at this point, but my list already has 18 records on it and I can’t think of one that beats it at this point. If you have, I’d love to know what.

So I’m sure whatever you’re listening to right now — because all we do all day is listen to music, right? what else is there? — is really cool, but you might want to hit pause and check out the lyric video below for “Love Undone” from Echoes From a Mass. It’s not necessarily a complete picture of everything the veteran Swedish four-piece are doing throughout their eighth long-player, but it does give a relevant example of some of the melancholy underpinning their bluesy rock even when uptempo and catchy as ever, and it’s three and a half of the least regrettable minutes one might spend on a given day.

Plus, as Napalm Records lyric videos will, it plays off the artwork, which in this case works particularly well since the lettering is so much of the character of the cover. Plus I’m a sucker for art-deco in general, so it hits on that aesthetic level as well.

PR wire info follows, including the preorder link, as usual. You know the drill.


Greenleaf, “Love Undone” official lyric video

Pre-Order the new full-length Echoes From A Mass NOW!

Swedish heavy stoner rock favorites GREENLEAF are about to draw their listeners deeper into their maelstrom of buzzing guitars and hallucinogenic vocals: The four-piece have just released their second single, “Love Undone”, along with an artful lyric video cut from their upcoming album, Echoes From A Mass, out March 26 via Napalm Records. Their new track delivers an uncompromisingly heavy soundtrack to a tragic past love story, drenched in the hypnotizing GREENLEAF trademark sound and shrouded in a sludgy, heavy journey of extended riffage.

Once again, GREENLEAF prove that they dare to think outside the box and deliver a heavy roller comprised of Sebastian Olsson’s rumbling drumming performance, fuzzy guitars, Fröhlich’s haunting bass lines, Arvid Hällagård’s powerful yet ghoulish vocals and undeniable, heavy stoner, southern desert and blues vibes. Echoes From A Mass was recorded at Studio Gröndahl in October 2020 by former band member Karl Daniel Lidén, who also mixed and mastered the record at Tri-Lamb Studios. Lidén is recognized for his work with well-known acts such as Katatonia, Bloodbath, Lowrider and Crippled Black Phoenix, to name a few.

Arvid Hällagård – vocals
Tommi Holappa – guitar
Hans Fröhlich – bass
Sebastian Olsson- drums

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