Bottomless Sign to Spikerot Records for Self-Titled Debut

Not much to tell at this point about Bottomless. If it helps, one suspects their moniker derives from some endless doomly abyss — be it actual, metaphorical or emotional — rather than simply having no pants on, though in the age of waist-up videoconferencing, perhaps it’s best not to take anything for granted.

A social media presence for the Italian trio would seem to have emerged just before the announcement that they’ve signed to Spikerot Records went out, though they’ve most likely been working on the QT for longer, since they’ll issue a full-length already later this year. I don’t know the status of any recording or progress, and there isn’t even a demo posted that I could find — which should only tell you that, yes, there probably is, and most likely it’s ridiculously easy to find — but it’ll be along when it comes along. The personnel here caught my eye, and of course Spikerot has shown they know what they’re doing on multiple occasions at this point. One can hardly argue with the mission as it’s presented here. For the rest, we’ll see I guess.

To the PR wire:


BOTTOMLESS (feat. members of Assumption, Messa, Haemophagus) signs to Spikerot Records!

Spikerot Records is extremely stoked to announce the signing of BOTTOMLESS, the brand new project formed by Giorgio Trombino and David Lucido, respectively guitar/vocals and drums (together in Assumption, Undead Creep, Haemophagus, Morbo and others) and by Sara Bianchin (Messa, Restos Humanos) on bass.

BOTTOMLESS play nothing but unadulterated Doom Metal in the vein of the ancient masters Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Pentagram, Trouble, The Obsessed.

“Bottomless is our vehicle to express a love that never dies, i.e. that for the most threatening, Sabbathic form of slow heavy metal we could ever come up with” says Trombino. “There’s no room for anything but our influences inside this project. That being said, our first album is the materialization of our vision. We thank Spikerot for believing in Bottomless since the very start. There is no end…”.

The trio’s first self-titled record is expected to be released in late 2021 via Spikerot Records on CD, LP and Digital.

Giorgio Trombino – Guitar / Vocals
Sara Bianchin – Bass
David Lucido – Drums

Undead Creep, Enchantments From the Haunted Hills (2012)

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