Spliffripper Premiere “Left is Law”; Self-Titled Debut Out Next Month on Desert Records

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Spliffripper – Desert Records

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Assault your earholes with our message of the true dangers of the illegal narcotic: MARIJUANA!!!

Prepare your feeble, hazed-out minds for a sonic assault of sludgy death, cultic tone worship, and cannabis-fueled rage, with riffs so nasty, you’ll drink the bongwater!

Songs of overdose, addiction, loss, and insanity that are a direct result of this dangerous chemical substance!

Your skull will cave in from the sheer power of our propaganda, and you will immediately relinquish all hazardous or unlawful substances, which shall be placed in our possession henceforth!


“Spliffripper is the living embodiment of propaganda, spewing forth the inane truths of the dangers of cannabis. Rage-fueled, hate-inducing riffs are bound to turn you into a murderous reefer fiend.”

“No bings
No bubblers
No bullshit
*spliffs and jays are A-okay*”

1. Bongbreaker
2. Left is Law
3. Vietbong
4. Chief Kief
5. Maui Waui
6. Funeral Bong
7. Jazz Cabbage

Granddaddy Purple – Riffweaver/Exhaler
Sgt. Stoned – Doomstick
Smokey “Bong” McBongwater – Primitive Skin Slapper


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