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If you’re going to do a departure, then depart. Warlung‘s third LP and second for Heavy Psych SoundsOptical Delusions (review here), came out in Oct. 2020 and “Sun Eater” closed side A. In so doing, it followed the classic heavy rock/metal stylings of “Phantasmagoria,” the bigger-riffed “The Scorpion in the Sand” and the sub-three-and-a-half-minute catchy run that was “Snake Eyes.” As such, its melody-forward drift, ethereal and semi-progressive unfolding was an immediate left-turn. You kept waiting for the track, which runs just under six minutes long, to burst out in volume and harder-impact fare.

Much to the credit of “Sun Eater” and the Houston-based Warlung as a whole, that never happens. Though the drums telegraph some tension in keeping the proceedings moving, “Sun Eater” nestles itself into that languid groove and remains there for the duration, giving guitarist/vocalists George Baba and Philip Bennett space to develop the richest melodies on Optical Delusions while the brotherly rhythm section of bassist Chris and drummer Ethan Tamez ensure the procession doesn’t fall apart or get lost in its own wash. The lyrics, as noted below, center around Egyptian mythology, and the subtle chant of the chorus, infectious as it is, carries that spirit of reverence as well.

The video was filmed by Bennett and features Baba walking around the desert and singing the song while the two went camping. According to the map, Big Bend National Park, which is on the Mexican border and toward the western side of Texas, is about eight and a half hours from Houston, so yeah, they were out there. Heck of a drive to shoot a video, even in such seeming spontaneous fashion, but you can’t argue with the backdrop Baba‘s walking around in. Some trippy effects on there and flowing rhythmic editing, and it works.

You’ll find the “Sun Eater” clip premiering below, followed by a few words from the band.

Please enjoy:

Warlung, “Sun Eater” official video premiere

“Sun Eater is about the ancient religion of Atenism. It is sung in the narrative of Pharaoh Akhenaten and describes his adoration of the solar disk…the Aten. Sun Eater was filmed out in Big Bend National park in the Texas desert. George and Phil took a trek to camp out and clear the mind, while out their they decided to film the scenery and take shots of George singing the song. After editing the video we decided to collaborate with Palantir Visuals where they took the kaleidoscope effect to new levels.”

Guitar/vox – George Baba
Guitar /vox – Philip Bennett
Bass – Chris Tamez
Drums – Ethan Tamez

Camera – Philip Bennett
Visual effects – Malichi Cull at Palantir Visuals

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