Egg Drop Soup Premiere “Swamp Ass” Video; Eat Snacks and Bleed out Tomorrow

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Egg Drop Soup release their new EP, Eat Snacks and Bleed, on Dec. 25. Yeah, I’m pretty sure they know that’s Xmas. I’m likewise sure they don’t give a shit. In a fuzz-grunge-punk rampaging 15 minutes full of don’t-care-about-your-cock rad-fem righteousness, the trio of bassist/vocalist Samantha Westervelt, guitarist Olivia Saperstein and drummer Bailey K. Chapman turning post-modern disaffection into hooks on “Hard to Hold On” only after “Rank Heavy Metal Parking Lot” leads off with an up-yours epic solo and subsequent scuzzy roll and airy-if-forward vocals, picking up for a charge at the very end into the mellow start of the next track. Following “Hard to Hold On,” which asks the necessary question, “Why would I run for president/In a world that’s full of shit?,” the centerpiece “Hymen” is arthouse punk personified, with a bass rumble at its core on which the blasted-out aggression is cast.

Egg Drop Soup Eat Snacks and BleedFucking awesome? Why yes, it is. “Tow Jam” indicts: “You’re such a cliché, you’re such a cliché/Nobody loves you and it’s better that way” atop a progression that Black Flag would’ve been proud to have in their first four years — subsequent crawl and everything — and is done in under 90 seconds, its point made. That brings around the closer, which, yes, is called “Swamp Ass.” What else to call such a riff? The finale is the longest inclusion on Eat Snacks and Bleed at a relatively sprawling 4:49, and its sludgy unfurling again finds the vocals as a focal point over the raw guitar, bass and drums, but the tape-worthy roughness of sound in which Egg Drop Soup bask feels likewise purposeful and political. This is a woman’s voice telling you to fuck off. And then, after about three minutes in, they make it swing before chugging to the finish.

15 minutes. Five songs. No bullshit.

The video for “Swamp Ass” tells the story well. It premieres below ahead of the EP release tomorrow. Some comment from Westervelt follows, as well as PR wire info, links and all that whatnot.


Egg Drop Soup, “Swamp Ass” official video premiere

Samantha Westervelt on “Swamp Ass”:

“The track ‘Swamp Ass’ is a sludgy departure from our typical fast-paced brand of punk, and the video is a cinematic time warp exploring themes of conformity, peer pressure, self-worth, and the Sisyphean nature of existence (particularly felt during COVID).”

Album preorder:

Egg Drop Soup is an inyourface, unapologetic, all-womxn alt-punk trio based in Los Angeles. No-holds-barred feminism + furious guitar riffs, heavy low-end bass lines, and badass drum beats combine to fuel the sounds of them preparing for the end of the patriarchy. Their fiery brand of thrash punk-meets-metal-meets-doom-meets-surfy grunge makes way for unpredictable, intriguing, and entrancing songs that leave captive audiences wanting more (and perhaps wondering what just happened). These womxn are not fucking around. Their upcoming five song EP Eat Snacks And Bleed (featuring the single Hard to Hold On) will be available on all streaming + download platforms on December 25th.

Egg Drop Soup is:
Samantha Westervelt: bass/vocals
Olivia Saperstein: guitar
Bailey K. Chapman: drums

Egg Drop Soup, Eat Snacks and Bleed (2020)

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