Blind Dog’s The Last Adventures of Captain Dog Reissue out Oct. 26

Is it too early to start reissuing albums like Blind Dog‘s The Last Adventures of Captain Dog? I don’t think so, and here’s why. First of all, it’s been over 20 years since the Swedish band’s debut was issued through People Like You Records, and it is long-since out of print. That’s an important start. Second, it’s getting a 2LP treatment, colored vinyl, full remaster, etc., overseeen by The Lab Records, and what a reissue like this does is essentially the same thing all those reissues a few years back of heavy ’70s records did — it introduces a new generation of listeners to the work and the bevvy of “lost classics” from those who came before.

Blind Dog‘s The Last Adventures of Captain Dog has been on my list to close out a week for a long-ass time and I haven’t gotten there yet, but it’s a badass album and emblematic of the post-Kyuss era of European heavy from whence it came. Consider these guys made their debut with this album in 1999; a year ahead of when Lowrider put out Ode to Io and Dozer put out In the Tail of a Comet. That context matters, and if the reissue can inform listeners of that context, then no, it couldn’t ever be too early.

The PR wire has the info and preorder link, and there’s a remastered track streaming too:

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Blind Dog – The Last Adventures of Captain Dog

In 1995, Tobias Nilsson and Joakim Thell formed the Swedish Heavy-Rock band Blind Dog.

Although they have not been active for several years, BLIND DOG remained in rock history when, at the end of the last century (in 1999 to be exact), they released the album “The Last Adventures Of Captain Dog”, one of the best European stoner/ rock albums, which is considered a classic one by the underground rock community!

21 years after its first release, The Lab Records is re-releasing this historical album on a double vinyl.

Newly remastered especially for vinyl, at the Sweetspot studio (Halmstad/ Sweden) by Staffan Karsson, , but also with a special new cover, edited by Nikos Stylidis (Labyrinth of Thoughts), The Lab Records gives the opportunity to those who are still looking for this masterpiece, to acquire it in a special double colored vinyl limited edition.

Release date 26 October 2020


Blind Dog, “Beyond My Reach” (Remastered)

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