Mos Generator to Release I’ve Got Room in My Wagon EP

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Shit is nuts, is all I’m saying.

Here’s the EP info:

mos generator ive got room in my wagon

Mos Generator releasing new Vinyl EP of the series ‘The plundering of the vaults” called I’ve got room in my wagon.

Release September 4th 2020
Presale August 14th

New 12″-vinyl EP from Mös Generatör (MOS GENERATOR) coming September 4th. This will be a special Collectors Item limited to only 250 copies with exclusive silkscreened B-Side.

Diane is a Husker Du song I used to play in a band in the late 80s and when the idea of doing one of their songs came up, this was the first tune I thought about. I’m not sure what gave me the balls to reach out to Bent from Motorpsycho to play bass on it, but I did, and he agreed. I sent him a demo that I did of the song and he sent back bass (5 different tracks of it) and vocal tracks on the choruses, which was a nice surprise. Then I had Jono replace my demo drums and I re-recorded guitars (with that classic Bob Mould scratchy guitar sound) and did a proper vocal take.

The other three songs are what I’m calling “the plundering of the vaults”. This has been going on for a few years now and it’s hard to believe there is still a nice well of material. “Flower & Song” is a live demo from 2017 with overdubs on it. The song is taken from a side project I have called HeavyPink and was being re-recorded for the Shadowlands album but never made it past this demo. I forgot how good it turned out and I’m glad it’s getting released. The other 2 songs, “Slow/Moody” & “Early Mourning (live at Freak Valley)”, were both previously issued on cassette only by H42 in the deluxe edition of a split 7″ we did with Daily Thompson in 2015. Slow/Moody is another live demo with overdubs we did in 2014. We were testing the sound quality of Shawn’s living room to see it was worth recording in and we wrote this song on that day. It has a very ambient sound that works well for the song. The record cover was done by my old friend Mike the Pike in the style of the Pettibon / SST records album covers and I did the Husker Du style MG logo to finish it off.
(Tony Reed, Mos Generator)

The vinyl will be available in following editions:

lim. 50 copies on clear red vinyl with gold silkscreened b-side
lim. 70 copies on clear red vinyl with white silkscreened b-side
black vinyl with white silkscreened b-side

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