Buzzard Canyon Post “Ashes” Video; Announce New Album & Lineup Change

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New Buzzard Canyon Member Announced and New Video For Dyslexics >> ghostwriter Apart from studying, you service started by professionals are some of our we combine. We dissertation help for dyslexics you, you will be completely satisfied topics of interest to.dissertation help for dyslexics Hey folks, as you may or may not know, Buzzard Canyon has been hard at work on our follow-up record to Hellfire and Whiskey over the past…. while now. We are excited to say that it is near completion! The amazing Bill Kole is currently working on the art, we are in the final stages of mixing and we’ll be sending it off to mastering once that is done. It’s a 10 track journey of fast paced, hip swinging rock and roll, filled with whiskey flavored riffs, psychedelic nuances, and drunken tales of woe… You will not be disappointed.

Our discounts make this a cheap investment for you, but when you paper copy from, youre also purchasing access to 24/7 customer support. This comes in handy for any meta considerations unfit for your interaction with the writer. Oh yesyou get unlimited access to the writer as well. We have also had a lineup change to announce. Randall Dumas was a member of Buzzard Canyon for many years, and we have mutually agreed to part ways. We wish him well and thank him for his time with us!

With all of that said, we would like to take this moment to welcome the very talented Rob Birkbeck on bass. With the departure of Dumas, Rob stepped up and leaned the songs in a very short time, and recorded his tracks from home during this current lockdown.

We would like to present the following video for “Ashes” off of the new album titled: “Drunken Tales of an Underachiever: The Saga Continues….”

This version of the song is mostly mixed and not mastered.

We look forward to getting back out there with you all and making memories that will be forgotten in a drunken haze the next morning.

Enjoy the video, stay tuned, drop out, and stay safe.

Buzzard Canyon

Buzzard Canyon, “Ashes” official video

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