Days of Rona: Bomg (Kyiv, Ukraine)

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Days of Rona: Bomg (Kyiv, Ukraine)

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research paper on teenage pregnancy Sentence Starters For Essays writing an essay on leadership custom resume writing 2013 As anybody does, staying at home, trying to keep the distance, everything is on pause. Now there is no point in scheduling anything, up to what time? Who knows… We haven’t scheduled events in the nearest month or two, so nothing much to rework, but it seems like all summer live shows that were being discussed are gone for now. Heath-wise we’ve been okay so far. No way to test it though, only people with severe symptoms are being tested right now.

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The rules are basically the same as in many countries: state of emergency, social distancing orders, essential businesses are only allowed etc. However, you can use means of personal transportation, not without occasional document checking.

Dissertation Writing Software - All kinds of writing services & research papers. James Baldwin's work tends to focus on a specific set of themes. Nov 16, 2010. How have you seen the virus affecting the community around you and in music?

It’s a bummer to see bands canceling tours and whatnot: EHG were in Kyiv and they had to leave the same day a show was scheduled, how unfortunate is that? Hope they’re doing well. As for the community, many people on the streets seem not to care about the situation, which raises concerns about the next month. Pharmacies have almost none of the masks, hand sanitizer – all of it gets hoarded the minute the pharmacy opens. All means of municipal transportation are for essential workers only, the borders are closed. Overall the country lacks funding and medical infrastructure, so without these measures, everything may go south very quickly. The thing is steadily spreading across the country. It’s a mess, but relatively normal in terms of reaction and measures.

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I hope that this situation will be solved, and the opportunity to live to the full extent, travel, play live music, meet friends and family will be restored and appreciated on whole another level. Stay healthy. And don’t let the fear sink in – it is the worst disease.

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