Days of Rona: Karl Simon of The Gates of Slumber & Wretch

The statistics of COVID-19 change with every news cycle, and with growing numbers, stay-at-home isolation and a near-universal disruption to society on a global scale, it is ever more important to consider the human aspect of this coronavirus. Amid the sad surrealism of living through social distancing, quarantines and bans on gatherings of groups of any size, creative professionals — artists, musicians, promoters, club owners, techs, producers, and more — are seeing an effect like nothing witnessed in the last century, and as humanity as a whole deals with this calamity, some perspective on who, what, where, when and how we’re all getting through is a needed reminder of why we’re doing so in the first place.

Thus, Days of Rona, in some attempt to help document the state of things as they are now, both so help can be asked for and given where needed, and so that when this is over it can be remembered.

Thanks to all who participate. To read all the Days of Rona coverage, click here. — JJ Koczan

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Days of Rona: Karl Simon of The Gates of Slumber & Wretch (Indianapolis, Indiana)

How are you dealing with this crisis as a band? Have you had to rework plans at all? How is everyone’s health so far?

Well, Gates of Slumber just got back from Europe just ahead of things going to shit here. We were all in quarantine for two weeks at home… and now shelter in place.

Somehow in spite of being in O’Hare the date of that big shitshow we are all healthy. No fevers no symptoms.

Wretch was meant to be recording our second record at the end of April. Those plans are paused now as we are just waiting to see what the future has in store. Sucks… this album has been held up so long… it’s like the way things go for Wretch: everything takes twice as long as it should. Which is fine.

What are the quarantine/isolation rules where you are?

I don’t know. I am just holed up indoors. So far as I know it’s carry-out only at restaurants and maybe bars. People can still go to stores you just keep your distance.

How have you seen the virus affecting the community around you and in music?

I see more people walking in front of my house than normal. Kids riding bikes. People walking their dogs. I think that’s a good thing to come of this: people have been slowed the fuck down. And hopefully we stick with it. But that is just what I see out my window. I don’t really pay attention to the news or anything. Stay away and stay down. If you have to go out: cover up the best you can — wear any kind of glove/mask/hat. Get in get what you need and get out. Wash your hands a fuck ton.

As far as music goes. I think a lot of bands are going to be releasing some very meticulously arranged stuff over the next few years. I expect we might see attention spans lengthen and that’s always good I think. I like the live shows people have been doing on social media. Might be the future…. which sucks for me as I actually like the idea of touring and playing live. But all of this remains to be seen.

What is the one thing you want people to know about your situation, either as a band, or personally, or anything?

I think that we will get over this and things will get back to a normal. People need to take it easy. And they need to look out for each other a bit more. This won’t last forever.

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