Black Math Horseman to Embark on “Next Chapter” with Return to Stage Next Month

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Second, it’s been just over a year since the much-missed heavy post-rockers put up the picture above, originally from, 2009 as a promo shot for their only LP, Read and Download Holiday Homework Help Free Ebooks in PDF format - LA CATRINA EPISODE 8 ANSWERS LENS RAY DIAGRAM WORKSHEET ANSWERS LEWIS STRUCTURE Wyllt (discussed here and here), on Thee Facebooks, as well as one of parting clouds, giving the first hint of some kind of activity on the band’s part since 2013. Not an insignificant amount of time, but really, why rush anything?

Third, note that in the post below they don’t just say “come together again,” they say “come together again creatively.” That means making something new. That means new material. New material could mean new album. A “next chapter” could be anything from sporadic live dates on the West Coast to a full two-month European tour of summer fests — neither would really surprise me at this point — but from that, the use of “creatively” and the “there’s more to come” that follows, it seems pretty clear that at very least  thanksgiving essay my review here argumentative essay subjects buy a doctoral dissertation kissinger Black Math Horseman aren’t just testing the waters here. They’re invariably doing that as well, but there’s a plan at work behind the scenes, whatever it might be, that, in keeping with the character of the group, is obscured from outside observation. Mysteries abound.

Conclusion: Who wants to fly to L.A. for the night?

Whatever  nurse resume primary homework help greece today phd thesis proposal abstract Black Math Horseman might do next, all we can do is wait to find out.

Show poster and their statement follow as per social media:

black math horseman return show

We are so grateful to have come together again creatively, and to be embarking on this next chapter of Black Math Horseman. Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way, there’s more to come.

Thank you @church8thday & Yob for having us.

We’re excited!

Black Math Horseman, Wyllt (2009)

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