Ksyatriya Release New Album The Womb of Omeyocan and Split with Mind Reader

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We touch upon the Best Resume Writing Services In New York City Quality job description, looking at the main technical writing skills you need, the qualifications and work experience, and more. Furthermore, we have officially launched our brand new DIY label & production house called StoneDulu Productions. This is a collaborative effort between members of MIND READER and Ksyatriya for the distribution of both band’s artistic pursuits and offerings to the community.

Kindly follow the links to the respective albums you desire to explore.

(NOTE: Includes Literary accompaniment entitled ‘EXORDIUM’)



‘The Womb of Omeyocan’ is the 2nd full-length album from experimental doom metal act Ksyatriya and marks the band’s 4th overall release since their conception in 2013.

Their latest album encompasses an exploration into the principle of duality or dualism that exists within the individual and the collective in relationship to the external world and the cosmos. The album is inspired and thematically produced around ancient Aztec & Sumerian philosophy. This is with particular reference to Omeyocan – known as “the place of duality”, highest of the 13 heavens and dwelling place of the dualistic deity Ometeotl according to Aztec mythology. ‘The Womb of Omeyocan’ aims to penetrate the division, conflict and contradictory nature of the human being that sees itself as a separate entity from the totality that it is inherently a part of. It seeks to explore the structure of dualistic thought by bridging the gap between subject and object.

1. And Thought was Born…and Duality Ensued…And the Universe was Lost 09:08
2. The Flame That Illuminates our Hearts Burns for Eternity 11:21
3. To the Gates of Omeyocan (Prelude I) 04:53
4. Hypocrisy of 2 13:08
5. At the Gates of Omeyocan (Prelude II) 01:44
6. Peta Babkama Luruba Anaku (Open the Gate for Me so I can enter Here) 17:13

Thank you for your support and we sincerely hope you are able to forge a connection with our latest album as you have in the past with our former releases. We shall endeavor to continue giving our best in terms of heart, honesty and primal energy with every new release to come.

None of this would mean anything without your presence to perceive and engage with our work. And for this, we are eternally grateful to you.

Stay true and free, always.

Ksyatriya is:
Gerard Edward: Rhythm & Lead Guitars
Rahul J. Trada: Rhythm & Lead Guitars
Trishay J. Trada: Drums, Bass


Ksyatriya, The Womb of Omeyocan (2019)

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