Trippy Wicked Announce Lineup Change; New Songs in the Works

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But the anticipation is part of the fun, and  enter site - Writing a custom dissertation is go through a lot of steps Leave your assignments to the most talented writers. select the Trippy Wicked back with the original lineup is nothing but fun, however dark it might ultimately sound.

Their announcement of the homecoming follows:

trippy wicked


Hey all. We have some news for you. After a lengthy break we’re back, we’re writing new music and original drummer Chris is back in the band. We’re getting a set up to scratch and will be gigging again as soon as possible.

We’ll mostly be playing new stuff. It’s a little heavier, a little darker but it’s still Trippy. Life happens you know, and that comes out through the music. Get over it.

We’d like to thank Bill for stepping in and all he’s done for Trippy over the last few years. He carried the weight, brought the groove and put his personal touch on the Guppy EP. Always a pro on the throne and still a good friend.

Trippy Wicked.

Trippy Wicked, Stakes ‘n’ Scale (2019)

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