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Color! — That seems to be the underlying message of Beerwolf‘s new video for the penultimate track of their Ripple Music debut album, Planetfall. “Magick Warbird” sees guitarist Matthew Howland and drummer AJ Prasad hanging around all casual-like by some electrical meters — as one does — when bassist/vocalist Jason Kleim rolls up with a bag full of mushrooms. Written on said ziplock in big ol’ letters is, of course, the title of the song. From there, the track takes off with a performance clip shot like a classic promotional video, the band coming in and out of focus while surrounded by bright colors and some basic special effects, trails and whatnot. It’s good fun.

The song itself is more grounded, at least in construction. Like much of Planetfall before it, it’s a straightforward rocker based around a strong chorus with a steady, laid back vibe and a tonal warmth derived from a classic heavy rock influence. Some of Planetfall‘s tracks, like “Eagle Shirt” after the opening instrumental title-cut or “Crom’s Steel” would seem to be well aware of the audience to whom they’re speaking, but if it’s to the converted, that hardly makes the preach of “Haze Arcane” or the fuzz-overdosed “Serpentine Fiend” any less righteous. With the jammier, open spirit of the eight-minute “Hunters of Night” on side A seeming to bridge a gap between labelmates Freedom Hawk and more psychedelic fare, Beerwolf set up the vaster reaches of the closing “Epilogue,” an instrumental bookend to “Planetfall” itself that conjures slower pacing and tripped-out effects to cap the record with its farthest cosmic reach.

That blend of the straightforward and the, well, not, helps add breadth to what Beerwolf do in terms of songwriting, but again, the bulk of Planetfall makes its impression through traditionalist songcraft, verse/chorus-style, and through the performances of Kleim, Howland and Prasad as presented with the naturalist production. If you want to get a sampling of that in a sub-five-minute clip that, again, has your full daily allowance of color — sorry, but the rest of your afternoon will have to be grayscale — hit up “Magick Warbird” below and enjoy the good times.

PR wire whatnot follows:

Beerwolf, “Magick Warbird” official video premiere

Beerwolf on “Magick Warbird:

“We’ve always dug the pioneer days of rock ’n’ roll visuals, the fuzzy psychedelia of Deep Purple’s ‘Highway Star’ and the like. We wanted to create our own version of that, something you could enjoy knee deep in the peak of an acid trip. ‘Magick Warbird’ is about freedom from tyranny so it only made sense to style it as a call back to the counter-culture movements that inspired us.”

The trio of troublemakers from Tampa known as Beerwolf ingest a few too many mushrooms and take us on a wild and colorful journey with “Magick Warbird”, from their album “Planetfall” (released digitally by the band in 2017 and physically by Ripple Music in 2018).

Originally self-released last October, the album quickly came to Ripple Music’s attention, largely via cult commendations from fans, players and followers alike across the online community. And now, thanks to the solid appreciation of those at Ripple Music they will have that rare second chance to make a killer first impression, on a grander stage and to a wider audience.

Jason Kleim – Vocals, Bass Guitar
Matthew Howland – Guitar
AJ Prasad – Drums

Beerwolf, Planetfall (2017/2018)

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