Viaje a Ixtlán Post New Single “El Aliado” Ahead of 2LP Release

Argentina-based progressive heavy psychedelic rockers Viaje a Ixtlán have a new single out now as a name-your-price download. The four-piece band who formed in 2011/2012 depending on where you look had the prior single “Sueño de Agua” out in August, and “El Aliado” follows as a fellow precursor to a 2LP release that’s due out sometime soon. I’d guess that means next year, but you never know. Either way, the track has an experimentalist edge in its weirdo vocal effects, and as the band embark on this ambitious project, they do so with two albums behind them of adventurous prog that have built up to it. I’m not sure when the album will be out, but a name-your-price single, let alone two, is a good way to lead into it, and if “El Aliado” is giving a feel for the kind of open-minded sonic palette they’re working with, that should be a pretty wide swath they cover throughout the record.

An interesting song that seemed well worth sharing. Hope you dig it.

Info from the PR wire:

viaje a ixtlan el aliado

El Aliado is part of the upcoming double release by Viaje a Ixtlán. Each album is a side from the same coin, two faces of the same band during a process of reorganization. The songs from the first album, such as “El Aliado”, are centered around instrumental passages inspired by the krautrock from the late 60’s, where the melodic motifs are carried by layers of synthesizers, riding over bases of traditional rock using the repetition as a way of generating the sensation of a mantra, the stillness, the calm, leaving the listener alone with the flow of the music.

Music by Viaje a Ixtlán
Arrangements by Viaje a Ixtlán.
Recorded on Estudios Zar and Black House by Damian Colaprette between December 2016 and February 2017.
Mixing and Mastering on Estudio Black House by Damian Colaprette.
Produced by Mariano Bertolazzi and Andrés Raffo.
Artwork by Matías Ridolfi.

Viaje a Ixtlán lives in constant movement, in constant change, stepping out of our comfort zone in each step, experimenting and chewing out each sound that influenced us so much. Taking as a starting point instrumental and dark passages, the band has developed a personal aesthetic wheres the songs get fused with the sound experimentation and the electric volatility.

Viaje a Ixtlán is:
Mariano Bertolazzi – Bass
Andrés “el Jeque” Raffo – Synth
Fernando Figueiras – Guitar
Leonardo Aldegani – Drums

Viaje a Ixtlán, “El Aliado”

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