Høstsabbat 2019: Ufomammut Added as Headliners

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how to write a statement see url phd thesis on diabetes ideas for a persuasive speech For twenty years, these three phsychsters have been making waves, seismic waves, in our underground community. It is with great pride we are able to welcome UFOMAMMUT to Høstsabbat, treating us with a special set celebrating their 20th anniversary, showcasing the depth and width of their seemingly neverending career in heavy music.

Gaining momentum after every single release, these fine Italians are masters of their craft. Pushing boundaries album after album, touching new ground as they simultaneously reap their gains, Ufomammut are pioneers of the underground, giving their audience crushingly heavy, psyched out pieces of art, almost more than music.

To have them headline the Chapel stage in the church feels surreal, and we can only imagine what it will do to you. Buckle up, Sabbathians. You’re in for a ride!

Spotify: http://bit.ly/SFufomammut
Bandcamp: https://ufomammut.bandcamp.com/



Ufomammut, 8 (2017)

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