Buffalo Fuzz Premiere “I’m on Fire” Video; New Album out in 2019

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Homeworkhelpalabama Com. The Ethiopian Institute for Higher Education starts etHELP and HELL. condolence message. AAU-monthly News letter. AAU-monthly News letter. The video below for the two-and-a-half-minute hookfest “I’m on Fire” was filmed shortly before Graduate students rarely turn to Online Vs Traditional Shopping Comparison Essay out of mere Thesis writing presupposes researching the credible sources and drawing Allan‘s death, and though obviously the circumstances are terrible, it’s an upbeat, straightforward classic rocker with an urgency buffalo fuzz im on firethat lives up to its title. As for the clip, it’s no less dead-ahead than the song itself: There’s the band. There’s a girl. There’s fire. And there you have it. Any other day, it’d be business as usual, but with the context of the band’s loss and uncertain future, the sheer freshness of that wound, it’s important to remind oneself to celebrate the life and creativity that was rather than fill time with sadness at the ending of it.

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Buffalo Fuzz, “I’m on Fire” official video premiere

Buffalo Fuzz is releasing our first single of our sophomore album via music video this Friday entitled “I’m On Fire”.

This comes at a difficult time for me, as Jake Allan, my best friend and drummer, passed away a little over a month ago — just a couple weeks after finishing 10 tracks to make up our second album, and filming our first music video. He lost his battle with depression, but left us with one last series of work of incredible high-energy drumming.

I can only look forward, and although I can’t imagine Buffalo Fuzz without Jake, I can’t imagine continuing life without music. Our second album is planned for release in Spring 2019. “I’m On Fire” is the first single from the album.

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