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The proceedings get pretty weird on MaidaVale‘s second album, Madness is too Pure, whether it’s the tripped out psych-guitar of ‘Dark Clouds’ or the bass-underscored start-stop classic rock declarations of the penultimate “She is Gone” or the spaciousness that follows on closer “Another Dimension,” but “Oh Hysteria!,” second of the total nine tracks, has a kind of ritualism all its own, and there’s nothing else quite like it on the record. That might not make it the most representative single for Madness is too Pure, which is due March 23 on The Sign Records, but the repetitions of the title and chant-like feel of the song in general send an important signal to those whose ears might pick it up: MaidaVale are a different band than they were when they made their debut with 2016’s Tales of the Wicked West (review here).

That album dug deep into blues rock rhythms and a late ’60s/early ’70s soul mentality, and while Madness is too Pure could be argued to stem from the same place, the outward linear trajectory the tracks follow that culminates with “Another Dimension” isn’t to be understated. MaidaVale — the Stockholm-based four-piece of vocalist Matilda Roth, guitarist Sofia Ström, bassist Linn Johanesson and drummer Johanna Hansson — range with a sense of purpose as opener “Deadlock” and “Oh Hysteria!” begin the ascent into freakoutery that continues across “Dark Clouds,” the electronic beat-infused “Trance,” “She is Gone,” etc. A Zeppelin-gone-psych vibe is prevalent throughout, but the most pivotal statement MaidaVale make with Madness is too Pure is that their sound is very much in the process of becoming their own and their songwriting is far more adventurous than one might’ve first suspected with the shuffle and semi-vintage boogie of their first outing. To listen to centerpiece “Späktrum,” one would hardly recognize them as the same band.

And that’s not a slight at all on Tales of the Wicked West, which had thrills of its own to offer and certainly was a showcase of potential when it came to MaidaVale‘s songwriting and performance, but rather just to say that with Madness is too Pure, the band have exceeded even the hints they gave the first time around of who they were as a group, and perhaps in showcasing their willingness to get weird, “Oh Hysteria!” is a representative single after all. One way or the other, paired with the clip for “Deadlock” that was premiered here at the end of January, one at least begins to get a sense of the brain-melting course Madness is too Pure ultimately follows, which remains tied to the first album both in the passion of its execution and in the potential it shows on the part of MaidaVale as a whole. Long live the freakouts, long live the weird.

PR wire info, including copious live dates, follows the “Oh Hysteria!” video below. Please enjoy:

MaidaVale, “Oh Hysteria!” official video

Swedish stoner/heavy rock band MaidaVale have released a video for their song “Oh Hysteria” The song is from the band’s new album Madness Is Too Pure which will be released in March 2018 via The Sign Records.

The band commented “This song came to life during a creative jam session while writing for the album. Once we had found the groove and the hook it all fell into place very naturally. We were happy to work with Flickhemmet on this video; they managed to really capture the essence of the song.”

Pre-order the album on vinyl here:

MAIDAVALE live dates
24/3 – Jönköping, Sweden
6/4 – Jönköping, Sweden
7/4 – Linköping, Sweden
20/4 – Malmö, Sweden
27/4 – Gothenburg, Sweden
5/5 – Berlin, Germany – Desertfest Berlin
7/5 – Warsaw, Poland
8/5 – Torun, Poland
9/5 – Dresden, Germany
11/5 – Hamburg, Germany
12/5 – Husum, Germany
13/5 – Dracthen, Netherlands
15/5 – Stuttgart, Germany
16/5 – Munich, Germany
17/5 – Blozano, Italy
18/5 – Nuernberg, Germany
19/5 – Leipzig, Germany
20/5 – Bueckburg, Germany
26/5 – Sandviken, Sweden
30/6 – Bourlon, France

Matilda Roth – Vocals
Johanna Hansson – Drums
Linn Johanesson – Bass
Sofia Ström – Guitar

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