Crypt Trip Sign to Heavy Psych Sounds to Release New Album

Texas-based heavy rock trio Crypt Trip self-released their latest full-length, Rootstock, in January. You’ll find it streaming at the bottom of this post, and I’d imagine that if you want to actually take a listen to it — no reason not to, what with the rock and roll and all — your time to do so is limited. Seems to me that in signing to Heavy Psych Sounds, Crypt Trip‘s situation is somewhat similar to that of Philly’s High Reeper, who’d also self-released a full-length before getting picked up by the Italian label.

Does that mean we’ll see a new version of Rootstock coming up, perhaps with revamped artwork like High Reeper‘s self-titled? Hell if I know, but if you didn’t already press play on album opener “Heartslave” and hear the scorching guitar solos that cap the track, you’ll just have to take my word for it that you won’t regret doing so either way. So yeah. As High Reeper‘s record got pulled from streaming ahead of its official release, so too might Crypt Trip‘s. Get while the getting is good.

Congrats to Crypt Trip as well. They join fellow Lone Star Staters Duel in working with the label, and it’s not at all difficult to imagine the two pairing up for a European tour presented by Heavy Psych Sounds‘ booking arm, though of course I’ve no concrete evidence that such a thing is in the works.

Maybe better to just turn it over to the PR wire. Yeah, let’s do that:

crypt trip

Crypt Trip – Heavy Psych Sounds

HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records & Booking is really proud to present a new band *** CRYPT TRIP ***

We are stoked to announce the signing of the american hard rock band Crypt Trip !! More info coming soon .Crypt Trip is a group from Texas that plays hard rock music. Originally formed in Dallas in 2013, the first incarnation of the band had a heavy psychedelic sound that was reminiscent of a dark nineteen seventies underground.

It wasn’t long before guitarist/singer Ryan Lee and bassist Sam Bryant relocated to Central Texas where they met drummer Cameron Martin and began to solidify their sound. Taking influence from aged rock records, jazz methodology, and their cultural roots in the cosmic American South, their music presents you with a genuinely personal experience.

Their new album will be released on Heavy Psych Sounds this year.

Ryan Lee: Guitar, Vocals, Elec. Piano
Cameron Martin: Drums, Vocals, Perc.
Sam Bryant: Bass

Crypt Trip, Rootsock (2018)

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