Woodsplitter Releases New Album May all Your Post Rock Dreams Come True

Clearly, guitarist Ben McLeod has a will to explore varying textures with his instrument. Anyone who’s listened to any of the four full-lengths he’s put out with his main project, Nashville’s All Them Witches — up to and including this year’s Sleeping Through the War (review here) — can confirm this, but it very obviously goes beyond that as well. A year ago, McLeod debuted his instrumental solo-project, Woodsplitter, with a full-length titled Inflamed (review here), and surprised with a stark departure from the psych-blues fare of All Them Witches toward sharp-edged and progressive metal, angular and precise in a way that the jammy rockers have never shown the slightest interest of being.

May all Your Post Rock Dreams Come True follows behind two subsequent 2017 long-players, April’s Egyptian Overload and June’s Journey into Krautrock, and like those, it clues into its self-awareness via the title. McLeod echoes out spacious lines of guitar and even finds room for a Mogwai cover as the album’s centerpiece, as if to underscore the point. Elsewhere, “MAYPRDCT” offers minimalist impulses a chance to highlight technical nuance and a bit of corresponding soul, while opener “World Series” culls a sample of the Blue Jays taking home the trophy in 1993. One wonders at the significance of that moment, but hey, maybe McLeod is just a fan and it’s an early baseball memory. Weirder things have happened.

It’s an outfit of few — mostly no — words, so the announcement that follows isn’t even really so much of an announcement as the info from the Woodsplitter Bandcamp page cut and pasted with the artwork and the streaming player. You work with what you got sometimes.

Either way, what matters is that you enjoy. So do that:

woodsplitter may all your post rock dreams come true

Woodsplitter – May All Your Post Rock Dreams Come True

My name is Ben McLeod and this is my instrumental project.

1. World Series 04:38
2. Siamese 06:34
3. Heart Of It All 04:47
4. Rano Pano (Mogwai Cover) 07:04
5. MAYPRDCT 06:26
6. Deaf 05:37
7. Spillover 06:05

Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Ben McLeod

Cover Photo by Elliott Fuerniss

Layout by Ben McLeod


Woodsplitter, May all Your Post-Rock Dreams Come True (2017)

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