The Top 20 of 2017 Year-End Poll is Now Open!

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The Obelisk’s Top 20 of 2017 Year-End Poll is open! Cast your votes now for up to 20 of your favorite releases from the year and find out which ones make the final list on Jan. 1, 2018!

I say this every year — I know I do — but I feel like I’m especially curious to see what comes out on top when it comes to everybody’s picks this year. There was just so much, and all of it so varied. It was like an onslaught happening all the time from every angle. It never stopped — it’s December and it’s still going on! — and it seemed like no matter what kind of sound you were into, each week brought some highlight offering that could rightly be considered among the year’s best.

Nonetheless, it’s challenge time. Get your list together, dig out those favorite picks, and make sure you’ve got them in the right order because the Year-End Poll only comes around once a year. As ever, we’ll be using a system wherein a 1-4 ranking is worth five points, 5-8 worth four, 9-12 worth three, 13-16 worth two and 17-20 worth one. Raw votes are of course also counted, and the results from both counts will be posted on New Year’s Day, along with all the lists contributed.

I’ll be getting my list together and adding it as well, but whatever hit a nerve with you, whether it was an album, EP, split, single — anything — toss it in and see where it ends up. At very least it’ll be represented when your list is published on Jan. 1!

Maximum participation and sharing is encouraged and deeply appreciated.

Let’s have some fun:

[This poll is now closed. Thanks to all who entered.]

As ever, I can’t thank Slevin enough for helping to put this all together, and thanks to you for reading and taking part in this ongoing experiment. I can’t wait to see how this one will turn out.

Look for the results and lists on Jan. 1, 2018!

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18 Responses to “The Top 20 of 2017 Year-End Poll is Now Open!”

  1. J.T. says:

    Far from easy this year. I’ve been preparing for a while and went ahead and submitted my entries. Can’t wait to see everyones list. Cheers

  2. Blake T says:

    At first I kind of thought 2017 wasn’t quite as good compared to last year until I started going through my stuff. Quickly realized it WAS a good year and now I’m having a problem narrowing down just 20! There are easily 20 more that I feel I’m doing a disservice to by excluding them!! What can you do…….

  3. SW Spiers says:

    Tough year. to rate My 20th album is almost as good as my #1

  4. teddyp says:

    I haven’t listened to enough heavy rock this year and need to catch up. What are the obvious front runners? thanks

  5. shirtless mike says:

    I had these in my spreadsheet last month. I might move a couple around. Still digesting the new Spectral Haze. But nothing will touch the new Demon Head. That’s been a beacon of perfection all year for me.

    1 Demon Head Thunder On The Fields
    2 Colour Haze In Her Garden
    3 Samsara Blues Experiment One With The Universe
    4 Hällas Excerpts From The Future Past
    5 Doublestone Devil’s Own
    6 Kadavar Rough Times
    7 Stone From The Sky Fuck The Sun
    8 Atavismo Inerte
    9 All Them Witches Sleeping Through The War
    10 Horisont About Time
    11 Geezer Psychoriffadelia
    12 Pagan Altar The Room of Shadows
    13 Causa Sui Vibraciones Doradas
    14 Atragon I, Necromancer
    15 Pallbearer Heartless
    16 Cities of Mars Temporal Rifts
    17 Telekinetic Yeti Abominable
    18 Young Hunter Dayhiker
    19 Monolord Rust
    20 Radio Moscow New Beginnings

    • Simon says:

      …And I had just unsubbed 666MrDoom who uploaded a lot of the gems from your list. But he just spams so much, flooding my subscription list! IDK how to keep up with all the stuff, so much is happening daily.

      • shirtless mike says:

        I don’t know what I’d do without JJ & Doom Charts. I’ve got 3 kids that I homeschool every day. The days of having the time to full-on explore what’s out there are behind me – at least until they graduate. I lean on the JJ’s of the world to help point me in the right direction. I owe him a year or 2’s supply of killer homemade pesto as thanks.

  6. Beav says:

    Rough year. Too much good stuff. Totally forgot to put Monolord on my list, and punched myself in the face.

    Hope nobody slept on that Junius album from earlier this year

  7. jim gibb says:

    totally forgot Horisont,Geezer,Year of the Cobra,Demon Head,Duel & Deadsmoke.I Really need a list of everything that came out.

    this is what i went with.
    Mutoid Man War Moans
    Toke (orange)
    Ruby The Hatchet Planetary Space Child
    Fireball Ministry Remember the Story
    Youngblood SuperCult The Great American Death Rattle
    Travelin Jack Commencing Countdown
    Demon Eye Prophecies and Lies
    Freedom Hawk Freedom Hawk (re-release)
    Kadavar Rough Times
    Egypt Cracks and Lines
    Dopelord Children of the Haze
    Heat Night Trouble
    Deep Purple
    Alice Cooper
    Elder Reflections of a Floating World
    The Judge Tell it to the Judge
    Mothership High Strangeness
    Lo Pan In Tensions
    Steak No God to Save

  8. shirtless mike says:

    Here’s a list of what I had varying degrees of interest in if it’ll help people with their lists:

    Aathma Avesta
    All Them Witches Sleeping Through The War
    Arcade Fire Everything Now
    Arc of Ascent Realm of the Metaphysical
    Argus From Fields of Fire
    Atavismo Inerte
    Atragon I, Necromancer
    Attalla Glacial Rule
    Beastmaker Inside The Skull
    Bees Made Honey In The Vein Tree Medicine
    Below Upon A Pale Horse
    Black Prism Black Prism
    Blues Funeral Awakening
    Book of Wyrms Sci-Fi / Fantasy
    Causa Sui Vibraciones Doradas
    Cities of Mars Temporal Rifts
    Cloud Catcher Trails of Kozmik Dust
    Clouds Taste Satanic The Infinite Glitter of Hell
    Colour Haze In Her Garden
    Cromlech Iron Guard
    Deadsmoke Mountain Legacy
    Dead Witches Ouija
    Demon Eye Prophecies And Lies
    Demon Head Thunder On The Fields
    Dopelord Children of the Haze
    Double Horse Double Horse (demo)
    Doublestone Devil’s Own
    Egypt Cracks And Lines
    Elder Reflections Of A Floating World
    Electric Moon Stardust Rituals
    Galactic Gulag To The Stars By Hard Ways
    Geezer Psychoriffadelia
    Goya Harvester of Bongloads
    Hällas Excerpts From The Future Past
    Heavy Temple Chassit
    Horisont About Time
    Howling Giant Black Hole Space Wizard (part 2)
    Immolation Atonement
    Kadavar Rough Times
    Kingnomad Mapping The Inner Void
    Lantern II: Morphosis
    Lo-Pan In Tensions (EP)
    Manilla Road To Kill A King
    Medusa1975 Rising From The Ashes
    Memoriam For The Fallen
    Mew Visuals
    Monolord Rust
    Mothership High Strangeness
    Nekromant Snakes & Liars
    Nokturnal Mortum Verity
    Orango The Mules of Nana
    Ordos House of The Dead
    Pagan Altar The Room of Shadows
    Pallbearer Heartless
    Portugal. The Man Woodstock
    Poseidon Prologue
    Procession Doom Decimation
    Purple Hill Witch Celestial Cemetery
    Queens Of The Stone Age Villains
    Radio Moscow New Beginnings
    Red Mountains Slow Wander
    Rozamov This Mortal Road
    Ruby The Hatchet Planetary Space Child
    Sahara The Light
    Samsara Blues Experiment One With The Universe
    Sasquatch Maneuvers
    Saturndust RLC
    SautruS Anthony Hill
    Savanah The Healer
    Siena Root A Dream Of Lasting Peace
    Skunk Doubleblind
    Spacegoat Superstition
    Spaceslug Time Travel Dilemma
    Space Witch Arcanum
    Spectral Haze Turning Electric
    Steak No God To Save
    Stone From The Sky Fuck The Sun
    Sun Blood Stories It Runs Around The Room With Us
    Taiga Woods Taiga Woods
    Telekinetic Yeti Abominable
    The Chasm A Conscious Creation…
    The Devil And The Almighty Blues II
    The Flying Eyes Burning of the Season
    The Midnight Ghost Train Cypress Ave
    The Necromancers Servants of the Salem Girl
    The Sonic Dawn Into The Long Night
    Super Snake Leap of Love
    The Obsessed Sacred
    The Ossuary Post Mortem Blues
    The Wicked Ones The Wicked Ones
    Trial Motherless
    Tuna de Tierra Tuna de Tierra
    Unearthly Trance Stalking The Ghost
    Vinnum Sabbathi Gravity Works
    Vokonis The Sunken Djinn
    With The Dead Love From With The Dead
    Wounded Giant Vae Victis
    Youngblood Supercult The Great American Death Rattle
    Young Hunter Dayhiker

  9. Head Ov Metal says:


  10. i am the liquor says:

    whens the final day to vote??? 31st?

  11. Cichlid Bro says:

    Two albums hit me hard this year.. Telekinetic Yeti’s 1st release, ABOMINABLE and.. Low Orbit’s 2nd, SPACECAKE!

  12. Pierro says:

    I’m amazed that every top so far did not mention Demonic Death Judge “Seaweed”, as it’s far more better than a lot of records out this year…Maybe it’s because it went out in january? Shame that only the Doom Charts put some light on the Finish dudes…

    • Wolf says:

      1. The Sleer – Midnight Sister
      2. Monolord – Rust
      3. Pallbearer – Heartless
      4. Mothership – High Strangeness
      5. Young Hunter – Day Hiker
      6. ………

      To be continued…..

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