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The more time I spend in the company of I Klatus‘ fourth album, Nagual Sun (review here), the less certain I am it’s intended for human consumption. Issued by the Chicago-based band themselves, it resides on a wavelength between the teeth-churning grit of sludge and a resonant, drug-cult psychedelia, running in deep-toned colorful hues through eight component tracks in a consuming 57 minute sprawl of misanthropic vibing and unbridled heft. What drives me to make the human consumption remark isn’t so much that it isn’t accessible — though, for sure, it’s not and it isn’t trying to be — so much as its exploration feels driven by something insular; a journey more likely to turn within than without. I just don’t think the band made it for anyone other than themselves.

That kind of honesty of expression is rare, and somewhat perhaps tempered by the visual aspect of what I Klatus do. With noted artist Tom Denney in the guitarist/vocalist role alongside bassist/vocalist/producer John E. Bomher, Jr. and drummer Chris Wozniak, I Klatus have thus far produced four videos for songs from Nagual Sun. All are made by Denney. The latest, for “Moment of Devastation,” can be viewed below and follows behind clips for “Final Communion” and “Beneath the Waves” (both posted here) and “Sorcerer’s Gaze” (posted here). Again, there are eight tracks total on the album.

I can’t help but wonder if they’re not en route to providing a video for each song on the record, and whether they ultimately do that or not, it shows how closely knit the relationship between the visual and the aural is for the band. If you’re prone to headaches from flashing lights, seizures or anything like that, you might want to watch out before digging into “Moment of Devastation,” but one way or another, the lysergic gruel conjured definitely makes a fitting complement to the song itself. You’ll also find the full album streaming at the bottom of this post, if you haven’t heard it yet. Just remember it’s not about you. You’re a bystander. Keep that in your open mind and you should be good to go.


I, Klatus, “Moment of Devastation” official video

Chicago Doom/Sludge eclectics I KLATUS have released the official video for “Moment of Devastation,” a track from new album Nagual Sun. Go forth and devastate below.

Nagual Sun is available on digital and analog (cassette) formats. Stream and/or purchase at: https://iklatus.bandcamp.com/album/nagual-sun

The highly anticipated follow-up to 2012’s Kether is the band’s third full-length album (and fifth release overall).

I Klatus is:
Tom Denney – guitar/vocals/art
John E. Bomher, Jr. – bass/vocals/production
Chris Wozniak – drums

I Klatus, Nagual Sun (2017)

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