Opium Warlords: New Album Droner Available to Preorder

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The fourth album from Opium Warlords, Droner, is up for preorder now from Svart Records ahead of a Nov. 3 release. Very likely by the time you make it through 20-minute opening track “Year of 584 Days” you’ll agree the record is aptly-named. The ongoing solo-project of Sami Hynninen (Spiritus Mortis, ex-Reverend Bizarre) embarks on three deeply experimentalist tracks across the record, and brings forth mostly-drumless, minimalist lumbering topped with strange recitations, resulting in an avant drama being staged with only riffs accompanying where an orchestra might otherwise be. It doesn’t get any less weird when the cymbal crashes start in “Samael Lilith” or when the highlight finale ‘Closure’ turns folk impulses backwards for nearly all of its 19-minute duration. And neither is it supposed to.

I don’t care how many records you listen to in a given year — you’re probably not going to hear another one that sounds like this. So there.

Art and info from the PR wire:


OPIUM WARLORDS set release date for new SVART album

After three wilderness years with doom gods Spiritus Mortis and Lord Vicar, electronic warriors Tähtiportti, and black metal sorcerers Azrael Rising, Sami Albert “Witchfinder” Hynninen is back in business with Opium Warlords. On November 3rd, Opium Warlords shall release Droner through Svart Records.

Droner is the fourth Opium Warlords album, and it brings Hynninen’s uncompromising musical vision to its most sparse form. It is noisy lo-fi riff music consisting only of particles unquestionably necessary, but at the same time with a musical spectrum that is very wide and open. It is experimental and avant-garde, still with roots deep in the very heart of heavy rock music. It is concrete blues, diving to the existence and the smallest molecular spheres of minimal riffs, and what seems to be an endless repetition of them. From these rather skeletal elements, it occasionally reaches neo-classical, even medieval spheres and death-romantic chambers of apocalyptic folk. Onto all of this, disturbing lyrics are chanted by unnamed, hostile protagonists.

The lyrics come entirely from outside, already existing sources: a book written by Finnish culture radical Jouko Turkka, a ritual of Ndembu people, and a letter written by scarlet woman Marjorie Cameron. The purpose here is to create a soundtrack that pictures and reflects the contents of the textual force. The result is primitive and brooding sonic landscapes of war, ritual, and death. Gone is soothing warmth of the preceding album, Taste My Sword Of Understanding. Droner is all about nuclear war and clear, post-apocalyptic primitivity of the surviving culture. It is torturing purification through purgatory, to a new world and new form of life.

First track premiere to be revealed shortly. Preorder info can be found HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Opium Warlords’ Droner
1. Year of 584 Days (20:32)
2. Samael Lilith (20:30)
3. “Closure” (18:55)


Opium Warlords, “The Solar Burial”

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