Live Review: Shroud Eater, Eternal Black and Begotten in Brooklyn, 09.05.17

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The good news is it worked out. The Floridian three-piece hit Brooklyn’s venerated¬† If you tagged us, ďplease Thesis Writing Services In Islamabad onlineĒ then we take it seriously and do your project efficiently within no time as well as low price. Saint Vitus Bar with support from¬†reformed¬†riffers¬† Writing Services with Unmatched Features! Our online dissertation experts have studied from the top UK Universities. Thus, they know all the university guidelines issued for dissertation writing. The experts know the referencing styles and citation used in different UK Universities and can provide dissertations to students of all the universities. Numerous international Begotten and the doomly¬† Description: Writing is a book for undergraduate students in higher learning institutions and colleges designed to help them accomplish their academic paper assignments. This book comprises most materials necessary for students to write convincing and persuasive academic papers. It defines an academic paper, explains its importance in higher education, and outlines the Eternal Black for a Tuesday night lineup that had no dip front to back. The bad news? Pretty much the only reason I was able to be there was because I was on my way to New Jersey for my grandmother’s funeral later in the week. Further bad news?¬† includes insightful material on check here, rational and grade math and other algebra subject areas. In the event that you Shroud Eater canceled the rest of their tour and were turning back south after this show in order to prepare for Hurricane Irma, which had already been called the strongest storm ever seen in the Atlantic Ocean, begotten-Photo-JJ-Koczanto make landfall in their peninsular homeland.

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After 15 years since the debut, I don’t think anyone will be in a rush to put a timeline on that, but it was welcome news all the same. When they were done,¬†Eternal Black took the stage quickly, sharing drum gear — guitarist/vocalist¬†Ken Wohlrob noted the¬†Kings Destroy kickdrum head on the kit through which drummer/best-guy-ever¬†Joe Wood was playing, eliciting a chuckle from all, including bassist Hal Miller¬†— and set about rolling forth their likewise dense-toned doomer grooves. Their self-released debut,¬†Bleed the Days (review here), came out Aug. 8 and was still pretty fresh in mind, and their straightforward and roughed-upeternal-black-photo-jj-koczan take on classic, traditionalist riff-led doom was no less welcome from the stage than from that disc. If anything, more so for the voluminous onslaught through which the persistent roll seemed to emanate.

I dug that record — I dig that record. A lot. And granted, I’m biased as regards the band because of my overarching love of¬†Joe Wood (who really is the best guy ever; it’s like his thing) and because I find the gritty edge they bring to Maryland-esque doomery speaks to a particularly Northeastern, particularly New York intensity that always seems to remind me of home. Music like¬†Eternal Black‘s has to come from someplace crowded. Population density is a factor, and I don’t think you could produce a song like the downtrodden “Sea of Graves” without it. One way or another,¬†Bleed the Days is easily among the best doom offerings I’ve heard in 2017, first album or not, and the three-piece made it clear at the¬†Vitus Bar as they had when I saw them at¬†Maryland Doom Fest last year (review here) that the process of their coming together as a band is still veryeternal-black-photo-jj-koczan much at its beginning stages. That is to say, they killed and they sound like they’re only going to keep getting better.

And then my brain finally got to process¬†Shroud Eater live. I’ve had bands-I-should’ve-already-seen out the wazoo over the years, but few have had the kind of consistent stretch of¬†Shroud Eater. Yet, as I stood in front of the¬†Saint Vitus Bar¬†stage and tried my best to snap photos of them in the drawn-down lighting, I couldn’t help but feel like it was somehow serendipitous to catch the three-piece of guitarist/vocalist¬†Jean Saiz, bassist/vocalist¬†Janette Valentine and drummer¬†Davin Sosa in support of 2017’s¬†Strike the Sun (review here). Released through¬†STB Records — whose honcho,¬†Steve, was also on-hand for the show and someone else I was long overdue to meet in-person — the second¬†Shroud Eater full-length is hands down the band’s best work yet, and though it was shroud-eater-photo-jj-koczanobvious in talking to them that concerns of family back in Florida and the impending potential for storm destruction were weighing heavily on them, let alone the general bummer of having to cancel shows in the first place, they were nonetheless devastating onstage.

A performance that galloped and slammed and crashed and careened and lumbered and did all that stuff that means it basically kicked the living shit out of the room,¬†Shroud Eater‘s set came through with density to match either of the acts that preceded them and a sense of motion that was all their own. Songs like “Awaken Assassin” from the new record and the furious¬†2015 single “Face the Master” (video premiere here) brought forth groove and pummel in kind, and with samples between various tracks, traded vocal parts from¬†Saiz,¬†Valentine and¬†Sosa, and an overarching intensity that came through even the¬†most atmospheric of stretches,¬†Shroud Eater made me so fucking happy I was finally getting to see them that I’m not sure I can shroud-eater-photo-jj-koczanhonestly say I’d trade having done so at any point in the last eight years for the experience of watching them play this set. That’s as sincere as I can be about it.

So — clearly not a night for critical impartiality. From feeling lucky to see¬†Begotten on their second show back to having¬†Eternal Black in the middle as the icing on an evening the cake of which just happened to be a¬†long, long, long-awaited¬†Shroud Eater set bludgeoning my consciousness, what the proceedings might’ve lacked in my emotional distance from them, they more than made up for in my raw enjoyment — which, if it’s going to be one or the other, I’ll take. When¬†Shroud Eater were done, I’m fucking proud to say I was the first person to shout for one more song and even prouder to say they played it, and as I stood among friends in the crowd like¬†Kings Destroy¬†vocalist¬†Steve Murphy¬†and guitarist¬†Carl Porcaro,¬†Clamfight drummer/shroud-eater-photo-jj-koczanvocalist¬†Andy Martin,¬†Dave from¬†Made in Brooklyn Silkscreeners,¬†Steve from¬†STB Records and others, I was reminded of how special some nights can become when the planets finally align just so in order to make them happen.

The rest of the week? We’ll see how it goes for things like familial grief and category five storms — I wished¬†Shroud Eater safe home and safe afterwards; spent the last eight dollars I had to my name on a copy of their¬†Three Curses and¬†Strike the Sun tapes (wanted the CD but didn’t have the requisite $10 and wasn’t about to be like, “Hey you need to buy bottled water for survival this week, can I get a free disc?”) — but this one was restorative on just about every level possible and a show I hope not to forget anytime soon.

More pics after the jump. Thanks for reading.


Eternal Black

Shroud Eater

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  1. matt anselmo says:

    hi jj – its matt from BEGOTTEN . thanks for coming and doing such amazing work! i had so much fun this week at the st. vitus show with SHROUDEATER and ETERNAL BLACK. the pics llok sick , and the words are so heart felt and real – you can feel your excitement being there , seeing SE. , etc…thx again bro we’ll see u soon – matt anselmo

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