GIVEAWAY: Win a Copy of Vokonis’ The Sunken Djinn from Ripple Music!


[TO ENTER GIVEAWAY: Leave a comment on this post with your email address in the form. You’ll be contacted at that address if you win.]

This past weekend, I hit up Ripple Music and basically said, “How about you let me do a giveaway for Vokonis‘ The Sunken Djinn?” My motive for this couldn’t have been simpler. It’s been a little bit since I reviewed the album and I was kind of feeling like I needed an excuse to underscore the point of its ass-kickery once again. That’s pretty much it. Fortunately, Ripple was down for the whole deal and willing to put the LP up as a prize for one lucky winner to be chosen a week from today.

If you haven’t yet heard it, you can stream The Sunken Djinn in its entirety below and I’d suggest you go ahead and do that, should the notion of “free vinyl” not be enough on its own to get you involved. No doubt the thickened riffery, pointed delivery and righteous groove the Borås, Sweden, three-piece lay down will make a convincing argument in their own favor better than any further slathering from me could, so yeah, just dig in and leave a comment on this post to enter. Have fun.

And of course, please note as always, I’m not keeping, storing or selling any email addresses or other data. This isn’t a mining outfit, it’s a rock blog, and even if I wanted to I wouldn’t have the first friggin’ clue how to go about making money off your personal whatnot. Thanks and good luck to all who enter!

[TO ENTER GIVEAWAY: Leave a comment on this post with your email address in the form. You’ll be contacted at that address if you win.]

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60 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: Win a Copy of Vokonis’ The Sunken Djinn from Ripple Music!”

  1. Josh Kallen says:

    Doomiest of the Doom \m/

    Josh Kallen
    279 Aspen Ave
    Langhorne Pa 19047

  2. Matheus jacques says:

    Here we go

  3. Alex B says:

    Entered, thanks for a chance!

  4. Jon unruh says:

    Vokonis is sick nasty!

  5. Matheus jacques says:

    Here we go again

  6. Stefan B D says:

    Give it to me!

  7. Anders says:

    Bring it to me! :)

    Vokonis rocks!

  8. Shy says:


  9. Tom lancaster says:

    Entered, fingers crossed.

  10. Martin says:

    Love Vokonis’ bone crushing tone!!

  11. Matheus Jacques says:

    here we go!

  12. Phil S says:

    Yeahhhh! Nasty! Great Stuff!

  13. Matheus Marcondes says:


  14. Kostas Kar says:

    My favourite Doom album of the last years!

  15. Allen Dzedzy says:

    LOVE this band! Killer Doom!!

  16. Steve Mital says:

    Free Vinyl! \m/\m/

  17. Claire Bernadet says:

    Best heavy discovery of 2017 for me. All hail Ripple Music!

  18. Falk-Hagen Bernshausen says:

    Thanks!! Long live Ripple!!

  19. Hank says:

    Sinokov! Duh

  20. Jamie Cansdale says:

    Definitely up there amongst the best the year has produced! All the heaviness in one solid album!!!

  21. Darryl Felstead says:

    Great album, would be a nice addition to the collection!

  22. Joshua Ernewein says:

    Great album.

  23. Aron says:

    I listen to records sometimes.

  24. Robb says:

    Oh Goody. Another free give away. And with such a great band as Vokonis. Hope I get to bring this home….

  25. Steve Janiak says:

    Ohhhh yeahhhh

  26. Hizi says:

    Thanks for giveaway,great website and great record label!!!!

  27. Chris Cauley says:

    Very heavy record…

  28. Willis says:


  29. Mike says:


  30. Justin says:

    Yes Please!

  31. Dave T says:

    Yeeeessssss, hook me up! Love this band

  32. Christopher Pace says:

    Kick ass record and one I need on vinyl!

  33. Christopher Pace says:

    Kick ass album and one I need on vinyl!

  34. Jamie says:

    I need more RAWK!! Thanks!

  35. Jon says:

    Me wants it!.. Precious..

  36. Bill says:

    Entered for a chance! Love the site, keep it up!

  37. Wade says:

    I asked my djinn for a win but she said I had to enter the drawing first. Okay djinn, I’ll play your game.

  38. Jennifer Christina Jeffcoat says:

    ROCK ON!!!!!!!!! \M/

  39. Joe says:

    Great Record !!

  40. Patrick says:

    Awesome. Thanks for doing this.

  41. Patrick says:

    Awesome! Thanks for doing this.

  42. Metalbitch says:

    I never win anything so i hope i get this one ??????

  43. Raul Gutierrez says:

    Thanks JJ!

  44. Andy Gray says:

    Just wanted to say what great job Todd and his team do.

    Long live Ripple!

  45. Jason Boniface says:

    BeardyManOfDoom has his fingers crossed! \m/

    Thanks to the Obelisk I have discovered some truly amazing music! Keep up the fantastic work!

  46. Emilio Giles says:

    Ready for my copy

  47. Sakis Barbalexis says:

    Make Doom Heavy Again

  48. Mario says:


  49. Paulo Costa says:

    I from Portugal. Keep it Heavy, Keep it Doom. Keep on rockin OBELISK!!! Keep on rockin Vokonis!!!

  50. danae says:


  51. James Marshall says:


  52. Beav Kenoyer says:

    I’d love to win anything from The Obelisk.

  53. Why not a second copy!!! :)

  54. Julia Velez says:

    Thanks! I’d love to win!

  55. Patrick says:

    Am I already too late ?

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