Snail Post “Thou Art That” Live Video from The Obelisk All-Dayer

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Oh, and if you see some schmo down in the front rocking out at the end of “Thou Art That,” well clearly that’s just somebody who very, very much enjoyed the set. Ha.

Dig it:

Snail, “Thou Art That” Live at The Obelisk All-Dayer

The almighty SNAIL playing live at The Obelisk All Dayer in Brooklyn NYC 8-20-2016.

Video: David Strayer
Audio: Jaime Traba
Production: Matt Lynch

Snail, Feral (2015)

Snail on Thee Facebooks

Snail website

Snail at Small Stone Records

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3 Responses to “Snail Post “Thou Art That” Live Video from The Obelisk All-Dayer”

  1. Randy says:

    I am 100% in favor of this set seeing the light of day on some sort of physical release.

    I am also 100% in favor of The Obelisk All-Dayer vol. 2. The Pecan has already been to one show without issue, next logical step is a fest!

  2. Obvious & Odious says:

    YES Snail should DEFINITELY release whole show, if possible. Not sure I remember what else they played, besides Haunted House and Hippie Crack. Oh, and Mustard Seed. They ruled

    All-Dayer 2? Oh, please. Please. And if so, how ’bout some Glowsun?

  3. Mick says:

    would be very interested in a release of some description

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