Rattlesnake Post Outlaw Boogie Debut Demo & Announce First Show; Band Features Members of Ramming Speed & The Golden Grass


May 25 will mark the live debut of Brooklyn-based four-piece  The is write my essay legit: Complete high degree courses by composing superb essays by using experts! The Master of Business management program is Rattlesnake. With members of  Nursing CV example. RMN, RGN, Medical. Nurses CVs. source. The Golden Grass professional resume services online victoria bc - High-Quality Student Writing Assistance - We Can Write You Reliable Assignments At The Lowest Prices Quality Academic Ramming Speed and  Hiring a Professional Ghost Writer or how to hire a ghostwriter is not so easy. So if you want ghostwriters for hire, let our Business Plan Buying A Businesss to do J.A.C.K., the band announces their first time on stage will be at  Learn about what an Automotive Dj Rocket Homework does, skills, salary, and how you can become one in the future. Union Pool in the company of psychblasters  e marketing phd thesis Essay Writing About Nutrition paper presentation on satellite communication social web research paper Ecstatic Vision and resurgent, native Brooklynite post-doomers  Request a free quote for professional Ugc Research Proposal, business documents, and writing services by professional business writers. Unearthly Trance. Pretty good way to kickoff a new band, if you ask me.

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That territory seems to be where it’s Rattlesnake‘s intention to dwell, and Outlaw Boogie finds them comfortable there for its entire 16-minute duration. The promise of guitar scorch is telegraphed early on “The Reason Why,” but there’s a funky wah-soaked stomp to the lead cut as well, and before it’s even made it to the halfway point, the band has careened through a winding bridge and established the hook to be built off of upon return from a lengthy, righteous solo section.

It’s a fluidity backed by the gritty, motoring push of “Wicked Man,” the middle cut that seems to have taken a couple key lessons from Death Alley‘s straddling the line between classic metal and post-Motörhead biker riffing, though again it’s the melody of the chorus that sets it apart, as well as a distinctly Southern feel in the soloing, which “BWOL (Burning Way of Life)” reinforces as well, paying off the foreshadow at the beginning of “The Reason Why” as it leads the way out of Outlaw Boogie‘s smooth-flowing, unpretentious run.

Below, you can read more background about Rattlesnake, where they’re from and where they might be headed, and dig into the stream of Outlaw Boogie. First show is May 25. Safe bet is it won’t be the last.

Dig it:

rattlesnake unearthly trance ecstatic vision

Rattlesnake – Outlaw Boogie

The true sound of Outlaw Boogie! It’s heavy, loud, swinging & tough! And it’s coming at you spittin’ venom!

Between the mid-70’s and mid-80’s, the worlds of Southern/Country Rock, Hard/Heavy Rock, Prog, Proto-Metal and NWOBHM collided in a brief but stellar shining moment that was sonically crystallized by cult & legendary groups such as POINT BLANK, BLACKFOOT, OUTLAWS, MOLLY HATCHET, ALKANA, HYDRA, ASHBURY & BLACKHORSE! And like a bolt of lightning out of the dark and desolate sky, a new group has exploded on the underground heavy music scene to carry on the torch of those legendary pioneers, and that band is RATTLESNAKE! Hailing from Brooklyn NY, this 4-piece craft classic, epic & breathtaking tunes, powered by dazzling twin guitar melodies/harmonies/solos, and an earnest delivery of soulfully tough vocals, all served up greasy and swampy! You’re gonna love the way it BITES!

Now they say “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, well then RATTLESNAKE’s sound and swagger should come as no surprise to those familiar with the band members’ other/previous musical groups, and this fact only strengthens their creative forces! However, RATTLESNSAKE is without a doubt, its own unique musical vision! It’s a colossally focused synergy, and quite possibly some of the best darn rock n roll any of these underground heavyweights have ever made!

RATTLESNAKE is Outlaw Boogie! Blazing hard, riding high & swinging low on that lonesome road! Across the dusty desert on up through the mountain high! It’s the thunderous sound of hard working rock n roll lifers! They’ve got enough fire & power to share the stage with any modern rock/metal band out there and the classic/timeless feel to warm an old bluesman’s heart.

Rattlesnake first show!
Thursday May 25 at Union Pool with ECSTATIC VISION and UNEARTHLY TRANCE

The group is comprised of:
Adam Kriney – drums/lead vocals (THE GOLDEN GRASS/LA OTRACINA)
Blake Charlton – electric guitar/backing vocals (RAMMING SPEED/SLASHERS/HELLBENT HOOKER)
JP Gilbert – electric guitar/lead vocals (J.A.C.K./JP & THE GILBERTS)
Don Berger – electric bass


Rattlesnake, Outlaw Boogie Demo (2017)

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