Chron Goblin Announce UK and European Live Dates

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Dance, dance, dance:


Chron Goblin – UK & Euro Tour 2017

Chrome up your pipes and break out the botanicals. Chron Goblin is poised to descend upon fortress UK/Europe. Hailing from the backwaters of The Great White North, this potent four-piece invokes the smell of diesel and pot-distilled gin with their rugged, yet refined, approach. The hangover cure you have been praying for, Chron Goblin’s airtight performance will screw your head on right and prime you for yet another night — of rock ‘n’ roll revelry!

We’re stoked to return to UK/Europe this spring! Big thanks to everyone who helped to make this tour happen!

Chron Goblin UK & Europe Tour 2017:
04.28 Birmingham UK
04.29 London UK
04.30 Oxford UK
05.01 Bristol UK
05.02 Bournemouth UK
05.04 Coventry UK
05.05 Westmalle BE
05.06 Siegen DE

Chron Goblin, Backwater (2015)

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