The Obelisk Radio Adds: Woodsplitter, Shroud Eater & Dead Hand, Moaning Cities, Wartime and Megaritual

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A round of adds to The Obelisk Radio once a month doesn’t seem like too much to ask, right? Well, it probably will be as the rest of the year plays out amid my meandering attention span, onslaught of reviews, etc., but for now, I’m at least two-for-two on 2017, and that should count for something. I won’t speculate as to what.

Pretty varied batch this time around, with some familiar names stepping outside what might be perceived as their comfort zone and others digging into various traditions in rock, blues, psych, sludge and doom. Much as I try to keep the stream running at all times — one has server blips; it happens — I also try to mix things up at least in a context that makes sense from one song to the next, though every now and again as I listen I hear something that completely blindsides me. That can be fun too.

As always, I hope you find something in here you dig.

The Obelisk Radio adds, Feb. 6, 2017:

Woodsplitter, Inflamed


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Woodsplitter on Bandcamp

All Them Witches on Thee Facebooks


Shroud Eater & Dead Hand, Split


As to what unites¬†Georgian five-piece¬† Looking for best essay writers? Read the most trustful essay go to site and get your discounts! Dead Hand and Floridian trio¬† get link firm with good track record is always a wise option for everyoneís demands. There are too many proposal writing services online. Shroud Eater on this late-2016¬† see it heres for ESL speakers. Professional editors available 24/7. Southern Druid Records split 7″, it won’t take long to figure out. Both bands are heavy as hell. With “Guaiacol” from the former going head-to-head with the latter’s “Destroy the Monolith” it becomes a contest of churn vs. roll,¬† Dead Hand taking an atmospheric approach that feels in comparison more derived from post-metal than¬†Shroud Eater‘s nonetheless spacious sludgy pummeling. Either way you go, you’re getting crushed by a six-minute track that seems only to revel in the cruelty of its lumbering,¬†Dead Hand‘s chug arriving over a torrent of double-kickdrum before opening to a more forward thrust on “Guaiacol” and locking into a nod that persists even in the relatively minimalist midsection before, the lumbering, growling extremity resumes. As a title like “Destroy the Monolith” might hint,¬†Shroud Eater aren’t exactly taking it easy either. With a multi-vocalist arrangement and vastness of groove, they represent their core sound well as a precursor to the awaited arrival of their second album hopefully sometime in 2017. It’s a quick release — in and out in 12 minutes — but both acts are bound to make an impression on the listener as each shows off their own brand of brutality.

Shroud Eater on Bandcamp

Dead Hand on Bandcamp

Southern Druid Records webstore


Moaning Cities, D. Klein


Issued through¬†EXAG Records, the oddly-but-somehow-appropriately-stylized¬†D. Klein is the second full-length from Belgium’s¬†Moaning Cities, who seem as much at home in referencing¬†The Velvet Underground¬†and The Stooges¬†on “Solitary Hawk” as¬†drifting out¬†All Them Witches-esque on the earlier “Sex Sells.” At 10 tracks/39 minutes, the Brussels-based outfit don’t express any particular need to settle into one sound-niche or another, but they keep a languid flow of psychedelic heavy blues in songs like “Insomnia” and the poetically-stomping “Vertigo Rising” that makes the okay-it’s-freakout-time arrival of the penultimate “Drag” all the more satisfying, even if their clear element of control is well maintained throughout. Flourish like the electronic beats in opener “Expected” and the soundscaping guitar in the finale “Daggers” add further depth to a release that already offers plenty, but Moaning Cities retain a classy, nigh-on-chic atmosphere without losing the tonal substance needed beneath to hold up such a strong aesthetic presentation. Whether they’re digging into ’90s alt vibes on “Born Again” — Violent Femmes goes West? —¬†or tossing some sitar to go along with the spoken word of “Yell-Oh-Bahn,”¬†Moaning Cities thrive on never quite letting their listeners know what’s coming next, and that nuance suits D. Klein¬†well.

Moaning Cities on Bandcamp

EXAG Records webstore


Wartime, Wartime Vol. 1


Between its five-minute, horror-sample-topped intro “Breaking Wheel” and its corresponding five-minute, horror-sample-topped outro “Magical Law,”¬†Wartime‘s¬†Wartime Vol. 1 delves so deep into classic doom via NWOBHM cultishness that I’m amazed¬†Shadow Kingdom Records has yet to pick it up for a release. The Colombian trio’s 2016 debut, it’s as effective in the moodiness of its acoustic centerpiece “A Whisper” as in the brash¬†Sabbathism of the eponymous “Wartime,” and an overarching rawness in the tracks only feeds the vision of doomed purity within them. Pressed in a limited number of CDs that, like their prior 2015 demo tape, are already long gone, it’s a fist-pump-worthy execution of doom for doomers that asks little by way of indulgences and delivers much in riff, metal-of-yore ambience and the songcraft of drummer/vocalist¬†Alejandro, guitarist¬†D-Pig and bassist¬†Scum, who hold onto a punkish thrust for “Another Reality”¬†before the¬†Vitus-style plod of “Wicked Son.” Children of doom indeed. At 32 minutes, it’s on the shorter end of a full-length album, but it unquestionably sets the groundwork for an LP-style flow, and as¬†Wartime‘s debut, impresses double with the realization of its conceptual bleakness. Special thanks to¬†Juan Lopez for the recommendation on this one. I’m glad I got to check it out and will look forward to what¬†Wartime do next.

Wartime on Bandcamp

Wartime merch page


Megaritual, Temple


I’ve been doing my dernedest to keep up with Australian one-man outfit¬†Megaritual since getting hip to the¬†White Dwarf¬†aptly-named LP compilation,¬†Mantra Music (review here), late last year. The product of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist¬†Dale Paul Walker,¬†Megaritual followed that release with the 25-minute single-song¬†Eclipse EP (review here), and it’s to that offering that¬†the 18-minute single-tracker¬†Temple¬†seems to have direct lineage, though actually the recording dates back further, to 2013/2014, and finds¬†Walker joined by¬†drummer Govinda Das¬†in a duo incarnation of the band. Not entirely to find “Temple” is a little older, since¬†Megaritual seem to be finding the patience later shown throughout the¬†Mantra Music EPs that comprised the vinyl and then¬†Eclipse afterward here, but you absolutely will not find me complaining about the edge of tonal buzz that complements the massive riff of this track, nor the improvised-sounding spaces around it being explored early on, nor the noise/drone that plays out over the course of the second half. If this is¬†Walker giving a look at the project’s origins, he would seem to have come into¬†Megaritual with an expressive concept in mind, and while it’s clear he’s put himself to the task of refining it,¬†Temple¬†demonstrates it was immersive even in its most formative moments.

Megaritual on Bandcamp

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Thanks for reading and listening.

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