Black Moon Circle’s Psychedelic Lightshow Featured in “The Head” Video


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Sensing a theme? Good, because the band’s new video for “The Head” —¬†the 24-minute A-side of¬†The Studio Jams Vol. II — also features¬†Gullikstad in his gooey element. Shot on a wall outside¬†Black Moon Circle‘s practice space — I guess any wall would do, really — it’s a longform sampling of both the lysergic explorations the band has to offer and the visual immersion that’s made to accompany. Want to put it on fullscreen and just let it play out? Yeah, I think that might be a good impulse to follow.

Please dig in below, and enjoy:

Black Moon Circle, “The Head” official video

The track is taken from the album The Studio Jams Vol II by Black Moon Circle. The visual arts, water, oil & colors, were performed by Simon W. Gullikstad and the video was filmed by Eivind Stuevold in the hall outside of our rehearsal area.

Black Moon Circle on Bandcamp

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