Friday Full-Length: Solace, 13

Solace, 13 (2003)

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Southard, Hultz, Jason and no fewer than four drummers — John Proveaux, Keith Ackerman, Bill “Bixby” Belford and Matt Gunvordahl — combined across, sure enough, 13 songs to make a record of near impossible cohesion. The kind of album one puts on, listens through, hears cuts like “King Alcohol,” “Common Cause” (with its Wino guest appearance from before that was a thing people did), the opening classic/modern meld¬†of “Loving Sickness/Burning Fuel,” the raw aggression of “In the Oven,” the swinging Pentagram cover “Forever My Queen” (again, from long before everyone had their own version), the languid initial roll of “Try,” the conquering¬†individualized blend that surfaces in “Rice Burner,” and so on, feels like they have a good understanding of, then gets through the end of bonus track “Shit Kisser” and is in a the-hell-did-I-just-witness daze for the rest of the day. Like few before or since, Solace have been able to bend chaos to their will. Part of that is personality — if you’re fortunate enough to know Tommy, it makes more sense — but part of it also originates in¬†an inimitable complexity of songwriting that still comes through clear in its intent toward kicking ass, and with its punker roots, is never in danger of losing its way in a wash of pretentious technicality. Metal, punk, classic heavy and more all seemed to be in Solace‘s wheelhouse on 13, and over the course of the unmanageable, CD-era hour-plus runtime, Solace pivoted between them and drew them together in a ferocious, vibrant attack that no one, in Jersey or out, has been able to match, on stage or in studio. Sorry. No one.

True to form, it would be seven years before¬†13 got its own follow-up. They released two EPs,¬†Hammerhead and¬†The Black Black, in 2004 and 2007, respectively, with the lineup solidified around¬†Southard,¬†Hultz,¬†Jason, guitarist¬†Justin Daniels and drummer¬†Kenny Lund, but it still wasn’t until 2010 that their third full-length,¬†A.D. (review here), arrived as their ultimate, and to-date final, triumph. No doubt it’ll be featured in this space at some point as well, but it was my pick for Album of the Year¬†that year, and I stand by that entirely. At the time, it seemed¬†Solace were back and ready to roll. I talked about it as the beginning of a new era for the band. Well, in 2012 they broke up, so there you go. They played what was to be their last show headlining at¬†Days of the Doomed II (review here) in Cudahy, Wisconsin, and then were done until a semi-reunion brought¬†Southard,¬†Daniels¬†and¬†Hultz¬†together with drummer¬†Tim Schoenleber¬†and vocalist/keyboardist¬†Justin Goins¬†for an appearance at 2015’s¬†Vultures of Volume II (review here) in Maryland, playing on the bill directly under their one-time compatriots in¬†Spirit Caravan, on their own reunion.

As to what the future holds, I wouldn’t dare to predict.¬†The new incarnation of the band were in the studio as recently as this summer and fall working on new material, though to what end, I don’t know. Chaos remains a factor never far from the center of what they do, but I’ll note that we are coming up on seven years since¬†A.D. in 2017, which would match the span between that and¬†13¬†before it.

Whether it’s new to you or old, I hope you enjoy¬†13. I’ve been a fan of the band for a long time, played shows with them, seen them more times than I could or would like to count and still pronounce their name “sol-ah-chay” in the spirit of¬†Puny Human frontman¬†Jim Starace (R.I.P., four years this month), but I can still hear new things in this album, and my sincere wish is that you do as well.

Thanks for reading.

Had to be something from New Jersey to close out this week, since I’m down here visiting family for the Thanksgiving holiday. I don’t get to see my people that often, at least not¬†en masse, and as I’ve gotten older and as the physical distance has settled in over the past few years since¬†The Patient Mrs. and I moved north, I’ve come to miss them dearly. My nephews are growing up and I don’t get to be a part of it in the way I otherwise would. It makes me sad, and it makes me appreciate the chances I do get to be with them all the more. They’re eight (going on nine, he’d want me to note) and six now. The years fly.

If you’re in the States, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, however you marked the day. Like a lot of stuff about this country, it has a pretty fucked origin, what with all that genocide of the land’s native people and culture — ongoing; look at DAPL — but at least it’s become a holiday less about cashing in and more about sitting down to a meal with loved ones, whatever rampant consumerism might happen the day after. It’s a little easier for me to take that than the holidays about selling greeting cards or candy or whatever else. Anyway, hope you enjoyed yours as I enjoyed mine.

Tonight, we head back north,¬†The Patient Mrs. and I. Exhausting, but worth it in order to wake up at home tomorrow in our own bed. I will make myself an entire pot of coffee, as is my wont, and drink it leisurely as I begin to put stuff together for next week and play the¬†Final Fantasy V¬†remake on my cheapie tablet.¬†Here are my current notes for what’s coming up:

Mon: Comacozer LP review and Year of the Cobra video premiere.
Tue: Akris review and Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters video premiere.
Wed: Megaritual LP review and Black Moon Circle video.
Thu: The 2016 Readers Poll goes live. Yup, it’s Dec. 1 already. Also Backwoods Payback review.
Fri: Right now it’s a Child review, though that might shift depending on what else comes through.

Some of that still needs to be organized, but it’s a basic running plan anyhow. It’s a start. Whatever it winds up being, I appreciate you taking the time to read.

Please have a great and safe (holiday) weekend, and please check out the forum and the radio stream.

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5 Responses to “Friday Full-Length: Solace, 13

  1. Michael Henaghan says:

    Had a hard week at work, always look forward to this post more than any, signals the start of days off for me and I make a point of trying to soundtrack it with your recommendations!

    Cheers from sunny Scotland

  2. Descendent says:

    Incredible album! Indolence and King Alcohol are two of my favourite riffs ever.

    I noticed that all the solos are pretty much identical and have thought for years whether it was intentional or not!?

  3. Michael Henaghan says:

    Also, cannot believe it is reader’s poll time again, I am still discovering stuff that I missed. Would also like to note I have Godspeed’s Atlantic album buried deep somewhere in my record collection. Thnaks for joing up the dots!

  4. StevhanTI says:

    One of the few regrets I have is never seeing Solace live. And at least on one occasion i deliberately passed it up, I don’t even want to remember why I did that but I will always remember that feeling of utter bummer when it hit me I’d most probably never ever be able to see them on stage when they broke up. A lesson learned for sure.

  5. J says:

    Thank you for writing this article. I was at VoV to see Spirit Caravan and Solace completely blew me away. I really hope this lineup writes an album and tours. I never saw the original group, but this lineup was amazing. Justin brought a ton of energy and has an amazing voice. I literally check their Facebook page once a week hoping they’ll announce a tour.

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