Vinnum Sabbathi to Release Gravity Works in Jan.; Euro Tour in Spring


Been a no-brainer to look forward to Mexico City’s  Vinnum Sabbathi making their full-length debut since last year when the instrumentalists issued the split with Bar de MonjasFuzzonaut (review here), and displayed such a clear penchant for flow. A new tape release for that split is in the works as well, but the real news here is that Vinnum Sabbathi‘s first album, Gravity Works, is set to come out in Jan. 2017 through Aim Down Sight Records (Germany), South American Sludge (Argentina) and LSDR Records (Mexico). As the band puts it, US distribution is in the works.

Add to that the prospect of a European run in Spring and it seems all the more like Vinnum Sabbathi are preparing to get behind the record in a big way. They don’t have dates for that tour announced yet, but from what I hear it’s coming together even now, as Gravity Works is also in the process of being mixed and mastered.

Some of the below came through a translation matrix, but I think it gets the point across:


Our first Full Album “Gravity Works” will be released on January 3rd 2017.

Gravity Works, you will see the light in January 2017 and will be available in Germany via Aim Down Sight Records, in Argentina via South American Sludge Records in Mexico via LSDR Records and we’re in talks for distribution in the USA.

As far as the re-release on cassette of Fuzzonaut, is in the process of production, will be available in Europe through The Sober Stoner and in Mexico through LSDR Records.

Thank you for all your support and patience, you have done to vinnum sabbathi.

European Fans & Promoters:
We’ll be in Europe on May-June 2017 to support our upcoming first Album “Gravity Works” and we want to play in a venue near you, so get in touch to make this happen !


Vinnum Sabbathi is:
Alberto (Guitar)
Samuel (Bass)
Mico / Gerardo (Drums)
Roman (Live Samples & Synth)

Vinnum Sabbathi, Fuzzonaut Split (2015)

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