Wight Announce Tour Dates in Germany and Switzerland Supporting Love is Not Only What You Know


German heavy psych rockers Wight released their funk-fortified third album (I kind of wish it was their fourth, just so I could continue the alliteration), Love is Not Only What You Know (review here), in September on Fat and Holy RecordsKozmik Artifactz, etc. Like everything they’ve done to-date, it represented a significant turn in sound from where they’d been previously, taking some of the psychedelic elements of 2012’s sophomore outing, Through the Woods into Deep Water (review here), to upbeat places that many even in the jammiest spheres wouldn’t dare to go. Adding a fourth member in percussionist/vocalist Steffen KirchpfeningWight signaled clearly they were embarking on a new era, and if you heard the record — if you haven’t, stream it below — you know the results were righteous.

Now they’ll take the show on the road in Germany and Switzerland. Joined by Kes from Istanbul, Wight head into 2017 in grand style on a run presented by Sound of Liberation that starts on Dec. 27 and goes until Jan. 7. They seem to have given the tour the name “The Green Baron and the Flying Fist of Bosphorus,” so, you know, that’s something. I have no idea what it means, but it sounds like a good time, and that could very well be the point.

Dates follow as announced by the band via the social medias:


We are happy to announce the upcoming Germany/Switzerland tour between the years with KES from Istanbul as support. You might have never heard of them but now it’s time. We are also working on new songs to present you at one of the following dates:

Wight & Kes, The Green Baron and the Flying Fist of Bosphorous tour:
27.12 MICHELSTADT – Unterholz
28.12 MÜNCHEN – Feierwerk
29.12 WÜRZBURG – Immerhin
30.12 OLTEN – Coq D’or
31.12 DARMSTADT – Goldene Krone
03.01 HAMBURG – Bar227
04.01 KIEL – Schaubude
05.01 DRESDEN – Sabotage
06.01 BERLIN – Zukunft am Ostkreuz
07.01 TBA please get in contact with us for booking!

Poster by Maarten Donders and René Hofmann

Wight is:
René Hofmann – Guitar, Vocals, Synthesizer
Peter-Philipp Schierhorn – Bass, Additional Vocals
Thomas Kurek – Drums, Additional Vocals
Steffen Kirchpfening – Percussion, Additional Vocals


Wight, Love is Not Only What You Know (2016)

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2 Responses to “Wight Announce Tour Dates in Germany and Switzerland Supporting Love is Not Only What You Know

  1. Rene says:

    The Green Baron is like the Red Baron, just “weed-fueled” and not shooting anybody ? And Kes are our companions as the flying fist of Bosphorus. I think tournames should always have insider jokes only the inner circle understands directly. Just remember the angry chihuaha… if we will ever meet, you will understand, why they call ME the angry chihuahua. Cheers, Rene

    • That’s cool man. One of these days we’ll meet and you’ll be like, “Wow, that guy’s really awkward. No wonder they call him ‘a dude who sits at a keyboard all day and writes stuff on the internet.'” I hope the tour is awesome. Will be checking out Kes as well.

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