Mos Generator, Lies of Liberty ’87 & The Firmament: Direction of Years



It’s not often that a band issues their most forward-thinking and backward-looking releases back-to-back, let alone within a month of each other, but for Port Orchard, Washington, three-piece, there’s very little that’s out of their reach at this point. Lest we forget, the outfit led by its perpetually restless founder, guitarist/vocalist/engineer Sat Essay Scoring Service are dissertation writing services legal online dissertation help to write Are Dissertation Writing Services Legal Tony Reed, already also issued a new studio full-length, Are you here to find out how to succeed with your application? It's not a problem to enter the college of your dream anymore Ė just find more info Abyssinia (review here), earlier this year on my blog - Entrust your dissertation to experienced writers engaged in the company select the service, and our experienced writers will do Listenable Records.

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I don’t know if¬†Reed had a master plan or if it’s just serendipity, but it would be harder to conceive of a clearer demonstration that, now well past the 15-year mark and having emerged since 2014 as a significant¬†touring presence,¬†Mos Generator feel free to do just exactly whatever the hell they want. All the better.

The Firmament was released earlier (Sept. as opposed to Oct.), but since the material on¬†Lies of Liberty ’87 dates back further, it seems fair to tackle that first. Taking its name from¬†Reed‘s early hardcore band,¬†Lies of Liberty, and culling songs from a period between 1986-’87, the 17:47 blaster comprises 11 songs that brim with the adolescent fervor that no doubt drove their creation at the time and in so doing make for the rawest material¬†Mos Generator have ever released.

Maybe that’s not a fair comparison, since it’s not like they’ve ever taken on hardcore punk so directly before, but minute-long shots like “The Smell of Death,” “Social Termination” (actually the shortest track at 44 seconds long), “A Pig’s Job is Never Done,” “Gore Reality” and so on plow by, one after the other, as they no doubt did three decades ago in some local VFW hall,¬†Reed and his¬†Lies of Liberty bandmates giving their friends a valid excuse to lose their minds and worry their parents. As they’re recorded now, those cuts and longer pieces like “Bring it Forward” (1:42), “Push Comes to Shove” (2:42) and the slower closer “Holocaust America” (a sprawling 3:36) benefit greatly from having been tracked live.

Can’t help but wonder how much¬†Reed rehearsed the songs with¬†Booth and¬†Garrett before rolling tape, since the performances are tight, but for the kind of aesthetic with which they’re working, they could easily run the risk of becoming too much so at the sacrifice to the intensity with which they were written. That is, one wouldn’t want them to sound too adult.¬†Mos Generator strike a fitting balance in giving their audience a feel for where “World of Hate” or “Negative Change” come from without necessarily cleaning them up so that they lose their edge. It’s a quick shot, but one imagines¬†Lies of Liberty ’87 surprising a lot of listeners who happen upon it without the context of knowing the origin of the tracks included.¬†Likely that’s part of the fun for the band.


As you’ve probably already gathered,¬†The Firmament is an altogether different beast. Recorded as the audio portion of a live video called Songs for the Firmament taped by¬†Chris Mathews (now also of¬†Ancient Warlocks) of¬†Joonior Studios, the five-song outing spans a decade¬†of¬†Mos Generator‘s catalog (and beyond) but ultimately boasts a quieter, more melancholy feel.

Reed,¬†Booth and¬†Garrett are joined by second guitarist Bo McConaghie and Rhodes pianist Andy Sorter to make what I’m reasonably certain is the first five-piece incarnation in¬†the band’s history, and the songs they run through — “Fall of Megiddo” and “Zero to Infinity” from 2006’s¬†The Late Great Planet Earth, “Wicked Willow” from¬†Abyssinia, the¬†Joy Division¬†cover “Dead Souls,” and “Outlander,” also from¬†Abyssinia — set an atmosphere that is as righteous in its patience as¬†Lies of Liberty ’87 was in its furies.

In fact, it’s not until “Wicked Willow,” here presented with acoustic and electric guitar side by side, that¬†Reed even steps forward with vocals, and by then the first 10 of¬†The Firmament‘s 26 minutes have passed. The roll from the album version is recognizable, but the veneer has changed, and so too the context in which “Wicked Willow” is framed, so that even when the chorus kicks in it seems to be a gentler more wistful delivery, marked out by¬†Booth‘s runs on bass, a final wash of crash, and a round of applause from those lucky enough to be at the recording.

“Dead Souls,” which children of the ’90s will recall¬†Nine Inch Nails taking on for the soundtrack to¬†The Crow, turns out to be the most active track of the bunch, pushed forward¬†by¬†Garrett‘s toms and the cyclical riffing that going along with them.¬†Mos Generator‘s version might be a little faster than the original, but they settle into it fluidly, and the final comedown, followed by more applause, makes an easy transition into the Mellotron and Rhodes combo that begins “Outlander,” those and the harmonized vocals that accompany ensuring the finale is the highlight of the short set.

There’s room in the six minutes for a build into a fervent guitar solo to answer the Rhodes, and the last chorus’ gradual ending only seems to underscore the entire spectrum of stylistic development¬†in¬†Reed‘s songwriting over the last 30 years.¬†That’s really what it’s all about. One release purposefully regressing, another brazenly embarking on new territory. Again, I doubt it was a conscious decision on¬†Mos Generator‘s part to put¬†Lies of Liberty ’87 and¬†The Firmament out in such proximity to each other, but in so doing, they’ve not only given further evidence of the apparently ceaseless productivity that has become a defining aspect of their approach over the last half-decade or so, but shown creative range to match.

One usually feels pretty comfortable in one’s expectations when it comes to a¬†Mos Generator release — they regularly deliver high-quality songcraft and crisp performances of traditionally-styled heavy rock — but after these two, I’m not sure I’d even dare to predict where they might go next.¬†Reed played drums at one point in death metallers¬†Woodrot, so who knows? Their future’s more open than it’s ever been.

Mos Generator, Lies of Liberty ’87 (2016)

Mos Generator, “Outlander” from Songs for the Firmament

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  1. Tony Reed says:

    Hello JJ, the hardcore record was rehearsed and recorded in 4 hours. That’s why it’s a pleasure to have Jono and Sean in the band. They Are that talented and professional. Thank you for the wonderful review. TR

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