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San Jose heavy rockers Zed have announced an Aug. 26 release date for their third full-length, Trouble in Eden. Also their debut on Ripple Music, it follows 2013’s Desperation Blues and with the first audio from the record arriving in a lyric video for “Save You from Yourself,” one can already hear how much it flies in the face of the current conception of West Coast riffing, geared so often as the region is toward laid back vibes and analog fetishization. Nothing against that, and true, Zed have a break in “Save You from Yourself” that’s a little more mellow, but the overarching impression of the track is far more aggressive and in-your-face than one might expect from a phrase like “San Jose heavy rockers” that opened this paragraph. To my ears, they sound almost like an East Coast band.

My impression was much the same earlier this year when I was fortunate enough to watch Zed play at Borderland Fuzz Fiesta 2016 (review here) in Tucson, Arizona. They had a lot of new material in the set from the then-unannounced Trouble in Eden, and as the PR wire alludes below, they blend heavy-riffed impulses with angrier tendencies, be it noise rock or oldschool metal blended into their still-weighted groove. “Save You from Yourself” has a marked hook that only becomes more of a focal point on repeat listens, and the lyric video blends performance and landscape footage highlighting desert atmospheres that fit as well as anything I could come up with, certainly, even if they’re not necessarily representative of everything Zed have on offer — until the motorcycles show up. Then they’ve pretty much got it covered.

More to come on the album as we get closer to the release. For now, the “Save You from Yourself” clip follows here, with the aforementioned PR wire copy below in blue:

Zed, “Save You from Yourself” lyric video

The Valley of the Riff is well inhabited and plentiful in its offerings and the beauty of its vast sprawl is that there is room for many. Making their presence well-known with heavy footprints and sonically indelible marks are San Jose-based Earth shakers ZED. A sound based on core principles of the blues, heaviness, groove, and feel this San Francisco Bay Area quartet is the genuine article, Ladies & Gentlemen. The sound is as organic as it is raw.

No bell bottoms, wizard sleeves, or hip huggers for this crew. It’s a barrage of head-bobbing, air-guitaring, hip-shaking, blues-driven rock as delivered by the bastards of rock & roll. With equal appeal to the fuzz-box mercenaries, stoner-rockers safety meeting in a ’74 Chevy van, and horns-thrusting metalheads pressed against the stage, this band refuses to conform or brandish a manufactured label.

Showing the maturity and confidence to explore the full gamut of their influences and what inspires them internally, ZED is set to offer their third full-length album “Trouble In Eden” with an August 26th release date on Ripple Music. “Trouble In Eden” is a literal collection of blood, sweat, and tears crafted together with raw, personal, relative lyrical content. Tales touching on religious-fueled tragedy, societal reflection, struggles with mental anguish, loss, and perseverance, this album is one for all to relate to. Drop the needle, push play, crank the knob, push the volume high and prepare to be intoxicated by the potion ZED is offering.

Trouble In Eden will be officially released on 26th August through Ripple Music.

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