Purson Post “The Window Cleaner” Video; Desire’s Magic Theatre out Now


UK classic psychedelic rockers Purson — and I mean ‘UK’ both in terms of where they’re from and the particular classic psychedelia from which they draw — just recently finished up a US tour supporting their new album, Desire’s Magic Theatre, which came out at the end of April via Spinefarm Records. Their new video for “The Window Cleaner” from that album takes performance footage, presumably from earlier or otherwise recorded for the purpose of the clip itself, and psychs it up with ’60s-looking cartoon mermaids and lighting effects, in case the mellotrons, gorgeous harmonies and maddeningly efficient songwriting weren’t enough to get the vintage point across.

Whatever, it all works. Purson made their debut in 2013 with The Circle and the Blue Door via Rise Above/Metal Blade and received due praise for their stylistic loyalty and otherworldly vibe. What I think “The Window Cleaner” emphasizes well is the songcraft that backs up the aesthetic accomplishment. Not a second of the track’s crisp three-and-a-half-minute runtime is misspent, and yet it in no way feels rigid or overly wrought. It flows easily and fluidly, and keeps a sense of motion without coming across as rushed. It’s in finding that balance that Purson outdo many of their backwards-through-time-looking peers, but of course a mellotron never hurts either.

Rosalie Cunningham (vocals/guitar) offers some comment on the track and the album as a whole under the video below.

Please enjoy:

Purson, “The Window Cleaner” official video

Vocalist/guitarist Rosalie Cunningham said, “The songs on Desire’s Magic Theatre are very personal, like a diary. They tend to be about the psychedelic experience, something that’s been important to me since my teenage years, figuring out my own sense of spirituality, and ‘The Window Cleaner’ is a prime example.”

She continued, “I’d been up all night at a party, and I wasn’t really enjoying myself. It was all quite seedy. So in the morning, I went to the park with a friend to do some mushrooms. Afterwards, everything had become so beautiful that I went home and demo’d up the song in a couple of hours, and the album version is pretty much the same as that first demo. I think the video is a good representation of where the song sprang from.”

Desire’s Magic Theatre draws inspiration from the rock operas of the late ’60s and early ’70s. This 10-track outing sees the UK group touching on a variety of realms, including folk, prog, psychedelic, gothic, and classic rock, making telling use of classical instruments and complex arrangements along the way.

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