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“Tres de Mayo” was a bit of an outlier from Ararat‘s 2012 second full-length, II (review here), which was more defined by the elephantine tonality and plod of “Caballos” or “La Ira del Dragon (Uno),” though not at all out of character for the Sergio Chotsourian-led trio overall. The closer on II, “Tres de Mayo” found Sergio collaborating with his brother, Santiago Chotsourian — the two would compose the soundtrack to the film Los Salvajes together, on which “Tres de Mayo” also closes — in an spirit not entirely dissimilar to “Dos Horses” from Ararat‘s 2009 debut, Musica de la Resistencia (review here), that song also built out on a theme established in a track of the same name on the final offering from Sergio‘s prior band, Los Natas, 2009’s Nuevo Orden de la Libertad (review here).

That’s a somewhat complicated line to draw, but the point is that by the time Sergio and Santiago Chotsourian got around to “Tres de Mayo,” they were already well acquainted to the form. The brothers’ collaboration would hit its peak to-date with the Los Salvajes soundtrack, first issued in 2012, but Santiago may have also contributed to Sergio‘s 2015 solo outing, 1974, as well, I’m not entirely sure. In any case, though Ararat released another album in 2014, the stunning Cabalgata Hacia la Luz (review here), the trio, whose live incarnation is completed by guitarist/keyboardist/noisemaker Tito Fargo and drummer Alfredo Felitte, have a new video for “Tres de Mayo” that, if I read the translated info right, also uses footage from Los Salvajes. Perhaps it’s intended to coincide with a CD release for the soundtrack through Sergio Ch.‘s South American Sludge Records imprint, which is reportedly impending, or maybe it was just something put together off the cuff. You won’t find me arguing either way.

Video and the aforementioned translated info follow. Please enjoy:

Ararat, “Tres de Mayo” official video


Official video from Ararat – “Ararat II” disc and Santiago and Sergio Ch. – “Los Salvajes” soundtrack.

Produced by Sergio Ch. and Patricio Claypole. Video made by Andres Estrada, Alejandro Fadel and with fragments of the film Los Salvajes. Driven Alejandro Fadel.

“Tres de Mayo is a song conceived from the piano and guitar creole for disc Ararat II, recorded and performed by Sergio and Santiago Chotsourian at Death Studios.

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