Black Space Riders Post “Starglue Sniffer” Video

black space riders (Photo by Hanno H Endres)

With last year’s Refugeeum (review here), German outfit Black Space Riders made what was easily their most progressive statement to-date. How better to follow-up on such a thing than to present yet another stylistic turn. I’m not sure “Starglue Sniffer” speaks for the whole of the forthcoming Beyond Refugeeum EP — out May 13 via Cargo Records, among others — and in fact I’d be more surprised if it did than it didn’t, since when it comes to encompassing a range of styles, Black Space Riders have grown into an act able to fluidly swap one genre for another in the span of a song.

Perhaps “Starglue Sniffer” is intended to serve as an example of that, though whether or not that was the intent, it does. It finds Black Space Riders, led as ever by guitarist/vocalist/organist/programmer Jochen Engelking, taking a dancier approach to their rhythms. The track is upbeat and should sit well on Beyond Refugeeum next two a couple outside-the-box remixes intended to push the band’s aesthetic breadth even further. They’ve always had something of a keyboard element, some electronics here and there, but with legit beats at its core and its unmitigated catchiness, “Starglue Sniffer” toys with pop ideologies in a way that few bands would dare and even fewer could pull off so well.

Always something intriguing from these guys. Will look forward to digging into the rest of the EP and seeing just where they’re headed as they continue to push “beyond.”

Video features animation by Lenia Friedrich. Enjoy:

Black Space Riders, “Starglue Sniffer” official video

German Riffonauts BLACK SPACE RIDERS have released a video for “Starglue Sniffer,” a song from forthcoming EP Beyond Refugeeum. View it at this location.

Nine months after the release of Refugeeum, the internationally acclaimed fourth album by BLACK SPACE RIDERS, comes a reprise: the Beyond Refugeeum EP! The EP will be released May 13 via BSR/Cargo.

Vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist JE discussed the idea behind the EP: “We had deliberately kept back four songs, all original recordings, from the Refugeeum sessions in order to release them separately from the album because – as the cover artwork already may suggest – the material is different to the songs on Refugeeum. It’s unlike what you might expect from this band. But you can still tell that it comes logically and quite unmistakably from the BLACK SPACE RIDERS. The songs are exalted, sometimes overwrought, vivid, and yet accessible. Much has happened in Europe and in the world since these songs were written at the end of 2014 and recorded in early 2015, but they seem to be even more contemporary and necessary than ever.”

The EP is rounded off with two bonus tracks: “VRTX RMX” (a remix of “Vortex Sun”) is atmospheric electric drone, and “Gravity” is the electro club remix of the band’s 2014 hit “Give Gravitation to the People” that may and certainly will destroy or inspire one or another traditional rocker.

JE: Lead Vocals, Guitars, Organ, Beats
SEB: Lead vocals
C.RIP: Drums, Percussion
SLI: Guitars
SAQ: Bass Guitar
HEVO: Additional Bass Guitar

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