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Greek heavy psych instrumentalists Naxatras have a released a surprise two-song EP in advance of their second album. The trio had discussed offering a 10″ before following up their wildly received 2015 self-titled debut, and I’m not sure if the tracks included on this untitled offering — “Muscle Red Horse” and “Pulsar 4000” — will wind up on that and they just decided to put them out early for a fun April Fools Day thing or what. Either way, the sound is right on in its live feel and organic groove, with “Muscle Red Horse” having a bit more crunch to it while “Pulsar 4000” pushes outward on a more serene, spaced-out course in its second half. I expect it will be met with few complaints.

Naxatras have also apparently pressed up another run of CDs for the self-titled, one of which I think I’ll pick up. Their sophomore LP is among my most anticipated for 2016 as well, so needless to say, I’m looking forward to its arrival. These guys seem to have something special to offer and have already resonated in a significant way. The new tracks give a pretty solid indication why.

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100% Analog Live Direct-to-Master Recording at Magnetic Fidelity. Engineered by Jesus I. Agnew. Artwork by Skitsos.

Naxatras is a hard psychedelic rock band from Greece. They play a warm psychedelia full of fat grooves, dreamy melodies, heavy riffs and trippy guitar solos all with the vintage touch of the 70’s.

They have been playing since 2012, developing their sound and finally recorded their first full-length album in a 100% analog way at Magnetic Fidelity (a studio in rural northern Greece) with Jesus Agnew, an engineer experienced in the field of analog and DIY recordings. Only analog equipment was used in the recording-mixing-mastering stages of the album. All the songs in the record were performed entirely live during just one day.

The band does high-energy live performances combining elements of psychedelic/progressive rock, stoner, funk, jazz and eastern music with a trippy video wall to accomplish full stimulation of the senses. In summer 2015 they went on their first tour playing five european countries.

EP tracklisting:
1. Muscle Red Horse
2. Pulsar 4000

Naxatras, EP (2016)

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