Samavayo Announce New LP Dakota Details & Premiere “Overrun”


Berlin heavy rockers Samavayo will release their fifth album, Dakota, on May 6 via Setalight Records. The record is fresh, as in brand-spanking-new — recorded just last month with Richard Behrens (Heat, ex-Samsara Blues Experiment), and it boasts seven new tracks that blur the lines between harder-edged riff rock, metal and psychedelia, beginning with “Arezooye Bahar,” which delves into Persian poetry, and pushing outward from there, the band foregoing any resettling that their shift from a four-piece to a trio in 2013, following the release of their last LP, 2012’s Soul Invictus, may have created in favor of an expansive style, rhythmically intricate and complex in its aesthetic as title-title track dips into cosmic expanse and centerpiece “Overrun” pushes forward with an insistent, almost noise rock roll.

That the three-piece of vocalist/guitarist Behrang Alavi, bassist/vocalist/Moog-ist Andreas Voland and drummer/percussionist/vocalist Stephan Voland are able to execute the turns while still offering classic vibes on the penultimate “Cross the Line” and a prog-metal thrust on “Intergalactic” gives Dakota a varied character, but one that the band carries and commands more than ably, speaking to the experience of four albums prior, even if this is their first outing in their current incarnation. Across the four tracks of side A and the three of side B, which rounds out with the patient build toward the apex of “Iktsuarpok,” they benefit from that experience and use it to forge ahead in their sound, careening from part to part while leaving a trail of memorable impressions behind.

I’m happy today to host the premiere of “Overrun” ahead of Dakota‘s May 6 release. You can find it under the album artwork and details, as well as Samavayo‘s upcoming tour dates, on the player below.


Our 5th full length studio album “DAKOTA” will be released on May 6th (Setalight.Records).

Recorded and mixed by Richard Behrens (Big Snuff Studio, Berlin) in Feb 2016. Mastered by Emanuele Baratto. Artwork and paintings by Dark Jordão.

All songs written and composed by Samavayo. Lyrics by Samavayo, lyrics of “Arezooye Bahar” taken from poem by Siavash Kasraie.

Dakota tracklisting:
1. Arezooye Bahar
2. Iktsuarpok
3. Dakota
4. Cross The Line
5. Intergalactic Hunt
6. Overrun
7. Kodokushi

We are back on the road with a new album! “Dakota” is our debut full length release since Samavayo has become a trio in 2013. After three great tours with our last album “Soul Invictus” we are launching a new era in the band’s history with The Dakota Tour I in April and May 2016 including the Desertfest 2016 in Berlin on April 30th!

01. APR DE Cottbus, Blue Moon Festival
02. APR DE Erfurt + Slowmind
16. APR DE Zwickau, Seilerstraße “Beltane Rocks”
21. APR DE Bielefeld, Forum + Monomyth
22. APR DE Halle, Hühnermanhattan + Swedenborg Raum
23. APR DE Leipzig, Halle5 + Swedenborg Raum
30. APR DE Berlin, Astra “Desertfest”
10. MAY DE Potsdam, Kuze
11. MAY DE Hamburg, Bar 227
12. MAY DE Erfurt, Museumskeller + Shotgun Valium
13. MAY DE Ulm, Hexenhaus
14. MAY DE Würzburg, Immerhin
16. MAY A Salzburg, Rockhouse +Deadsmoke
17. MAY A Wien, Viper Room
18. MAY CZ Brno, Bajkazyl
19. MAY DE Nürnberg, Zentralcafe + Mother Engine
20. MAY DE Leipzig, Moritzbastei + Mother Engine / Wucan
21. MAY DE Berlin, Binuu +Tschai Ka
23. MAY DE Karlsruhe, Akk + Mother Engine
24. MAY CH Basel, Kaschemme + Mother Engine
25. MAY CH Luzern, Bruch Brothers + Mother Engine
26. MAY CH Winterthur, Helvti + Mother Engine
27. MAY DE Mannheim, Mohawek + Black Rainbows

Samavayo, “Overrun” from Dakota

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